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The Department of Tourism released the guidelines for accredited restaurants.
With restaurants slowly being allowed to open, you're probably wondering what dining in the new normal will be like. On June 9, the Department of Tourism released a set of guidelines for Department of Tourism (DOT)-accredited restaurants and restaurants
Salad or seafood?
Eating out is always a treat, but buffets are on a different playing field. Having so many options to choose from, even when you know you're probably not going to be able to taste everything, is sort of thrilling. We
Enjoy 50 percent off on buffet every Monday at Marriott Café.
There's a reason why everyone dreads Mondays: It's when you have to rejoin the outside world and deal with traffic, deadlines, and now, floods. Some have tried to change that mentality of gloom by focusing on positive thinking,
Get your tummies ready!
We don't know about you, but apart from napping all day, we also plan on eating every chance we get. If you're sick of your usual takeout places or just want to treat yourself (and your family) to
Celebrating a special occasion this weekend? No? Just really hungry? Well, either way, we've got you covered. Here are five discounted eat-all-you-can food spots that'll make your binge-eating dreams come true.Special shoutout to Deal Grocer
Tickle your man's tastebuds by letting him try the Greek treats at this modern buffet restaurant.
The scenic island of Santorini, Greece may be hundreds of miles away, but a trip to Restaurant 5 is sure to recreate the same lip-smacking dining experience with your man. Whether celebrating your anniversary or looking for a fancier kind of