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Cube Entertainment has released an official statement on the matter.
A number of Korean celebrities have apologized for their past actions.
'Quaden—you've got a friend in me.'
Celebrities are sharing their messages of sympathy and support for a nine-year-old boy who has been a victim of bullying.On February 18, young Australian Quaden Bayles went viral after his mother Yarraka Bayles shared a video of her son
'He has never been involved in anything related to the content written in the anonymous community.'
Even though he *almost* never speaks, Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom in Crash Landing On You has made a kilig mark on our hearts. In fact, the actor who plays him, 22-year-old Lee Shin Young, is actually starring in a
What's your opinion on this, girls?
Here's a piece of news filed under the WTF Folder: Austin-based marketing firm Kickass Masterminds publicly posted a screenshot of one of their aspiring interns on their Instagram account with a not-so-subtle jab at her professionalism. Their
For one, Julia is NOT her niece.
A good day to everyone who stayed up late last night because of Julia Barretto's controversial Instagram post where: 1) She revealed she and Joshua Garcia have not been together for four months, 2) She clarified that she was not
'I was treated differently because I'm brown.'
High school definitely wasn't the easiest thing to get through for a lot of people, and Priyanka Chopra is no different. Even though she went on to win the Miss World pageant and become one of the biggest actors and
'I want to say I am sorry.'
Yesterday on her IG stories, Angel Locsin posted a private conversation between herself and a user who admits to bullying the actress when they were kids.Angel's University of Santo Tomas Junior High schoolmate wrote in part, "Hi, Angel. You probably
It doesn't end in school.
Bullying comes in many different forms. There's the kind we see in movies, where a kid is shoved against a locker or in a bathroom stall. Others may have experienced cyberbullying, with people calling them names on social media. But
Pete posted earlier that 'he won’t kill himself no matter how hard the internet tries.'
Earlier this week, Pete Davidson returned to social media to post a powerful message about bullying. The SNL star opened up about the way in which he's been treated since he started dating Ariana Grande.And now his ex-fiancée
This is sad.
We tend to think of her as a successful businesswoman with a beautiful child, a lovely home, and a wardrobe we'd be willing to sell a few different organs for, so it's easy to forget that Kylie Jenner has
Needless to say, fans are outraged.
Only someone with seriously impaired vision-or someone just looking to get a rise out of people online-would dare call Selena Gomez ugly. But that's just what Dolce & Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana did on Instagram, and he's invoked the
'People think I'm very confident, but I had to learn to be.'
It's easy to think that Bella Hadid has the kind of "perfect" life the rest of us could only dream of. But in a new interview with InStyle the supermodel revealed that she suffered from "serious depression" last year, which
High school never seemed so cruel.
The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers:Hannah Baker, high school junior, has killed herself. Mysteriously, her ka-M.U./skinny love Clay Jensen finds a box of cassettes on his front door. He gets curious and listens to them; they're Hannah&#
She also deletes the app from her phone 'at least once a week.'
While it's easy to imagine your favorite celebrity probably doesn't have the time to check their Instagram feed on a regular basis, it turns out they might just be more connected to social media than you'd think-for better
'Lahat ng naiisip mong masakit nasabi na 'yun sa akin.'
Kathryn Bernardo may seem to have it all. At the cusp of turning 21 years old, Kath is at her prime in the showbiz world-she's got beauty, fame, and a solid love team to boot. But beneath the surface, the
'I'd eat in a bathroom stall.'
Actress Shay Mitchell ate lunch in the bathroom in school to avoid bullies.The Pretty Little Liars star's Filipina and Scottish roots made her a victim of bullying when she was growing up in the predominantly-white Vancouver, Canada. Her mother,
To you, with love.
It's been seven years since senior year of high school and it feels like it all happened yesterday. So why am I writing this? I think it's because I never said my piece. Or more importantly, all of you never
"I witnessed a woman being ripped to shreds on a public forum."
Following the train wreck of a Twitter Q&A with Fifty Shades of Grey writer E.L. James, The Frisky reached out to some erotica writers to get their opinions. James was bombarded with everything from jokes about her questionable writing skills
She wants to help anyone who's dealing with bullying too.
Kylie Jenner was practically born into the spotlight, and like most celebs, she often has to deal with haters, especially on social media, where they can hide behind computer and phone screens. Recently Kylie talked about her own struggle with bullying in