Pete posted earlier that 'he won’t kill himself no matter how hard the internet tries.'
Earlier this week, Pete Davidson returned to social media to post a powerful message about bullying. The SNL star opened up about the way in which he's been treated since he started dating Ariana Grande.And now his ex-fiancée
This is sad.
We tend to think of her as a successful businesswoman with a beautiful child, a lovely home, and a wardrobe we'd be willing to sell a few different organs for, so it's easy to forget that Kylie Jenner has
Needless to say, fans are outraged.
Only someone with seriously impaired vision-or someone just looking to get a rise out of people online-would dare call Selena Gomez ugly. But that's just what Dolce & Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana did on Instagram, and he's invoked the
'People think I'm very confident, but I had to learn to be.'
It's easy to think that Bella Hadid has the kind of "perfect" life the rest of us could only dream of. But in a new interview with InStyle the supermodel revealed that she suffered from "serious depression" last year, which
High school never seemed so cruel.
The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers:Hannah Baker, high school junior, has killed herself. Mysteriously, her ka-M.U./skinny love Clay Jensen finds a box of cassettes on his front door. He gets curious and listens to them; they're Hannah&#
She also deletes the app from her phone 'at least once a week.'
While it's easy to imagine your favorite celebrity probably doesn't have the time to check their Instagram feed on a regular basis, it turns out they might just be more connected to social media than you'd think-for better
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