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'Kung hindi kami magri-risk, walang mangyayari sa amin.'
I don't know about you, but it feels like the love for all things *vintage* won't be going away anytime soon. From photo editing apps, to home decor, pretty much everyone has been into the ~cool~ trend. Some
It's time to try something different!
Could it be that plant-based meats are the next food trend this quarantine? Vegetarianism and veganism have always existed, but this food trend could possibly be because of COVID-19. As people grow more afraid of animal-borne diseases, they are
Meet the 'Quarantine Whopper.'
When going out to our favorite restaurants seems like a distant dream, the next best thing one can do is to recreate favorites while quarantined at home. It started off with Shakey's Japan tweeting their mojos recipe; now, Burger King
Farewell, Champ!
Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee announced that they will be discontinuing its iconic Champ burger from all of its branches.In a statement issued on January 3, Jollibee said, "We are working on big and exciting things this year for our burgers
Are you excited?
Do you know that MOS Burger is Japan's second-largest burger joint? MOS stands for "Mountain, Ocean, Sea," and is known for its burgers-especially its rice burgers, which are made with rice-shaped burger buns. And because Filipinos have
Welcome to the Philippines, Shake Shack!
Shake Shack is *almost* ready to open their doors in Manila. The international burger chain's first branch in the Philippines is located at BGC Central Square in Taguig, and will be officially open to the public on May 10, 2019.
Let the countdown begin!
Rumors of Shake Shack coming to the Philippines have been circulating for years, but today (July 18, 2018), it's *finally* official! The beloved burger chain announced the big news on their Instagram account:Apparently, they'll be serving the
These burgers taste even better than they look.
If you find yourself craving for burgers and beers while chilling up north, we suggest you drop by Skull and Bones in UP Town Center. As for the south peeps, we promise it's worth the trip. The frat house-inspired restaurant
Spend some quality time with the boyfie at a relaxing spot that serves a hearty <i>merienda</i>.
Now that you and your boyfriend are past the courtship phase and you both lead active professional and social lives, it gets harder to schedule some time alone for just the two of you. That's why the modern woman created "Date
As the second to the last movie of the phenomenal franchise opens in theaters today, here are some ideas for snacks you can bring to the cinema--to complete your viewing pleasure.
We sure hope you already bought tickets for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, the movie you've been anticipating for ages, because we're sure the lines would be long in any cinema today! We know a lot of you
Our blogger, Sheng, samples yummy American fare (in standard HUGE portions) while on vacay in San Francisco, and shares them with us in this post.
SAN FRANCISCO - Thanks to my dad's thin gene, I never had to worry so much about what I eat and the corresponding weight gain that goes with my food intake--not yet, at least. I love food and I'
Having a hard time dragging your boyfriend to a posh resto? Take him to this gourmet joint. We guarantee, you'll BOTH love it here!