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Budget-friendly, too!
Dyed hair refreshes your look and instantly makes your complexion brighter. But when you think about how expensive and time-consuming the upkeep is (Purple shampoos and root retouches don't come cheap, y'all!), you just have to think
Workouts from five to 15 minutes only! Note: They're REALLY intense.
Not everyone has the time to hit the gym, but everyone needs to exercise to be healthy and to stay fit. High-intensity interval training solves that problem. They only last for a few minutes and still give you the benefits of
When you have an insanely hectic schedule, your connection needs extra attention. Here's how to carve out some together-time.
1. Speed-date each other.Meet for a quick drink before heading out with your separate groups of friends, says relationship therapist Krista Bloom, PhD. "It's a good way to touch base and keep things grounded," she adds.2. Plan a
True happiness boils down to very simple, surprising essentials. Unlock the secrets to real bliss.
If you're currently working the dating scene, steer clear of these dudes; we're sure they're familiar to you.