Now if only they'd tell us...
If you love caffeine, you may think there's never a wrong time for coffee, but a new study says there is a right time to get the most out of your daily cup.Researchers from the United States Army developed
He drank a soda, latte, and energy drink within a two-hour span one morning.
After drinking a soda, latte, and energy drink all within a two-hour span one morning last month, 16-year-old high school student Davis Allen Cripe collapsed in his classroom and later died.The American teen's cause of death was
Can't survive the day without a cup or three?
Coffee, tea, Diet Coke, energy drinks-most of us ingest a major dose of caffeine on a daily basis. But what is it actually doing to our insides?Caffeine isn't necessarily the root of all evil-even experts say you can
Who knew there were other ways to make sure you can function in the morning?
A ringing alarm clock spells dread in the morning whether you have to get ready for work or something more relaxed.And while many of us rely on caffeine to help get us going, if you're looking to cut back on
Are you drinking too much coffee? We have alternatives.
Although coffee has multiple health benefits, some people have low tolerance for caffeine, while many caffeinaholics are looking for a way out of their addiction before they overdose. If you're looking to perk up after a sleepless night, caffeine isn't
Make coffee your bitch.
If you haven't already heard the bad news, then brace yourself: Your morning coffee is doing NOTHING.Our body naturally releases a hormone called cortisol which makes us feel more alert and its peak time is between 8 a.m.- 9
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