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'People think our job is all about answering phones—that being a call center employee must mean that you’re a dumb person.'
We all know that call center employees are unfairly stigmatized-some of us might even be guilty of promoting the negative stereotypes. We spoke to five Pinays working in the BPO industry to find out what it's really like to be
Your LSS is your account's weird hold music.
1. "I'm going home early" has taken on a whole new meaning.Remember when you used to resent your parents for telling you to go home early? That will change when you start working in a call center. Because now, early
Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? Cosmo found ways to help you get forty winks. Do them this weekend.
Ask yourself this: Do you fall asleep quickly (in under 20 minutes)? Do you sleep right through without waking in the night? Do you wake up in the morning bright and alert?If you answered yes to all of these questions, then