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No need for a major revamp!
With a lot of things going on in the world, it's easy to feel stressed, worried, and anxious. Aside from self-help tips that can help calm your mind such as breathing, mindful thinking, and meditation, you can also try creating
Can't get on board the OM-train? Here's how to blag your way through mindfulness.
You've probably heard of mindfulness-it's one of those terms healthy types throw around willy-nilly, whether they're talking about eating or exercising more mindfully. But we definitely don't blame you if you feel dubious or confused about
Road rage kicking in? Ease the tension by trying out some calming yoga techniques. That's right, there are some useful moves you can try from behind the wheel!
Driving in Manila can stress out anyone. Whether it's bumper-to-bumper traffic, forgetting directions, or that random driver who cuts into your lane unannounced, these sources of stress could be deadly, as reported in a recent study by the Queensland
When you're upset, the last thing you want is for it to be obvious. Here are ways to tone down your anxiety.
Picture this: You've just gotten into a huge fight with your boyfriend or your parents lectured you in public. Or, maybe you've made a mess of an assignment and your boss is disappointed in you. Don't give in to
You don't have to spend much on these soothing ideas for unwinding together.
Just chilling out with your man can give you a surge of feel-good vibes. Boost that potential with these ideas:1. Go for a sunny stroll.Dress down and take an arm-in-arm walk through your neighborhood on a breezy