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It depends on your activity levels.
While most of us know that there's more to a healthy lifestyle than calorie-counting, it's true that they have a purpose if one of your goals is to lose weight. Calories are units of energy widely used to measure
So now you know when to snack.
Everyone has a different metabolic rate, which determines how quickly (or not, frustratingly) you burn through the food you consume. But did you know that an individual's metabolic rate can vary quite significantly throughout the day, too?A new study
Keep these in mind for when you feel like snacking.
We hope that at this point in our lives, no one is under the illusion that gummy bears and chocolates are better snacks than fruits and nuts-no matter how little you consume. Ideally, sweets are just guilty pleasures we sometimes indulge
Yeah, now that you mention it, I have no idea.
I'm going to be frank with you: I write about health and nutrition on a regular basis, but I have no idea what a calorie is. So I asked Samantha Rigoli, a registered dietician with Healthy to the Core in
You should probably give those cookies away.
There's something about doing an office job that seems to make you really freaking hungry. Well, not necessarily hungry, but there's definitely something about it that makes you want to eat all the damn time.Some say it's boredom,
You do some of them every day!
Our bodies burn calories even when they're at rest. So just in case you're curious about how many calories you burn doing some of your daily activities, here's a list of them with an accurate approximation of energy expended.
New research will have you questioning what you put in your mug.
Although the way you take your coffee tends to be non-negotiable, new research suggests that people who like theirs light or sweet don't just end up drinking a bunch of empty calories, but may also end up eating worse than
So you can indulge and still achieve your weight-loss goals!
The reason most people find it so GD difficult to lose weight is because they want it all: the burger and the side of fries; the pizza and the wine to wash it down. While eating delicious food isn't a crime,
They each have 100 calories!
We are OBSESSED with calories! But what we often forget is that not all calories are created equal. We got some of your favorite snacks, and used My Fitness Pal to figure out how each snack looks if we put a 100-
Like champagne!
In general, I try not to worry about calories and I'm usually pretty happy to eat anything in moderation. Nevertheless, I still like to know what indulgences aren't crazy high in calories. Bear in mind, though, that the term "calorific"
Everyone, meet the AbsorbPlate.
What's harder than losing weight? Literally, nothing. That's why people are willing to try every kind of diet-looking at you, Teatox-and sign up for the newest workout craze. But if you're extra lazy and/or just completely
It's so easy, you'll wish you started doing it yesterday.
Most weight loss tips require lots of sacrifice for very little gain. But new research suggests eating fewer calories could be as mindlessly simple as drinking a few extra cups of water every day. (See? Told you it was E-A-S-
Dieting isn't just about counting calories!
It's not as simple as "a calorie equals a calorie." Why? Because two different types of foods can have completely different effects on your body, even if they have identical calorie contents. The best example of this is to compare carbohydrates (
DietSensor can also tell you the amount of carbs, protein, and fat in your food.
Here's another great reason to love science and technology: There's an app called DietSensor, and it checks the calories, amount of carbs, fat, and protein in your food! It'll also let you know if you're about to exceed