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Here are some tips if you plan to do the same!
Car camping has been popular these days-you can sight-see while social distancing, breathe fresh air, and just enjoy a chill adventure to the great outdoors. Clearly, Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos are big fans, and their latest Front Seat Foodies
Finally, some fresh air.
Months into the pandemic, scientists have figured out that the coronavirus is more prone to spread indoors. The great outdoors, on the other hand, has all the space you need to keep your distance from others. Plus, there are also fewer chances
Get closer to nature without having to rough it.
When talking about camping, you'd probably picture scenes from Survivor, Man vs. Wild, or The Island With Bear Grylls. These reality shows, of course, are exaggerated versions of your own camping trips. But sometimes, you just don't want