Check out the cute celebs who attended the teen version of the Bachelor Bash, the Candy Fair, hosted by our sister mag <i>Candy Magazine!</i>
Just a little over a week after the wet and wild party that is the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011, our "younger" sister magazine Candy hosted their annual "teen version" of the Bash: Candy Fair 2011.The event was held at the Megatent
At the Candy Fair, the event of our sister magazine, we scoped out gorgeous guys and found out how they turn the <i>kilig</i> on!
Boys, no matter how tough they look, have a soft side lurking underneath those masculine looks. Boys, just like girls, think of ways to please their special someone. It's a pleasure for them to make her feel special. They can be
Mark your calendars for these worth-while happenings. A lot of them feature celebs too--local to international, you name it!
Cosmo chicks are busy with their careers, but they all know how to balance it with a healthy mix of activities that satisfy her various passions. Here, we've lined up ten events fun, fearless femmes like you might want to
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