Super handy!
ClosetIf you've ever dreamed of having Cher Horowitz's classic closet-in-a-computer in Clueless, this app will do your packing tons of good. Take a photo of every top, bottom, accessory, or shoe you're thinking of bringing, and
Because it's time for local literature love!
14 by Manix AbreraThe writer-illustrator that brought us the well-loved Kikomachine Komix and News Hardcore is at it again-this time bringing us another serving of silent comics. 14 promises Abrera's signature illustration style combined with insightful takes on
In case you're tired of stalking people on Instagram...
For travel: Nicole Villaluz ( Villaluz, the girl behind The Stillness in Moving, calls herself a "wayfaring soul." Her blog documents her travels in the country and outside of it, coupled with inviting pictures that'll make you wish you
Because who doesn't like an awesome looking grid, right?
When you're browsing Instagram, don't you feel the hours just pass by? One minute you're on the Explore page scrolling and the next thing you know you're 52 weeks deep in somebody's feed. Yup, we know exactly
We can't resist a good love story.
If you have yet to write your own grand romance, then turn to these books to know what it feels like to fall in love-at least for now.Love Story by Erich SegalErich Segal's Love Story is a classic that
For design inspiration!
If you're on Instagram's Explore page a lot, you'll notice that there are a ton of accounts dedicated to lettering, calligraphy, and typography. We rounded up a few of those brilliant accounts that you should definitely follow if you'
Age is just a number when it comes to good reads.
Next time you're at a bookstore, go to the children's section. Sometimes, you'll find more enlightenment flipping through novels written for kids much more than a self-help book. Promise. The Little PrinceDon't be fooled by the book'
These are pretty solid.
There are so many covers inspired by Taylor Swift's 1989 album that we can barely keep up! Here are one of the best ones we've heard:1."Bad Blood" and "Complicated" Mash-Up by Morgan Hawley & Dini2. 1989 Mash-Up
Unleash your creative juices with some good old DIY.
We're kind of hooked on DIY, as most of you have seen here, here, and here, so when we got our hands on The Candy DIY Book, we went kind of cray.The Candy DIY Book offers over 100 easy-to-
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