'Sticky' candies are a no-no?! Boo.
As adults, the ~*only*~ real perk of Halloween is being able to binge-eat candy shamelessly-everything else is secondary. And yet, we recently found out that it might be a good idea to rethink some of the sweet treats you nibble
Unleash your creative juices with some good old DIY.
We're kind of hooked on DIY, as most of you have seen here, here, and here, so when we got our hands on The Candy DIY Book, we went kind of cray.The Candy DIY Book offers over 100 easy-to-
Who said candies are only made for kids? Satisfy your sweet tooth with these scrumptious hand-made treats.
Looking for something sweet to munch on? These bite-sized candies from Made In Candy are the perfect treats to indulge in to curb your sugar craving.The artisanal sweets come in a variety of colors and designs, with each piece hand-
Cosmo spotted hot male celebs and hunks at the Candy Fair, the annual event of our sister magazine. See them and their answers to our fun question in this gallery.
At one point in our student lives, we've all attended a school fair. Ever gone to the fair of an exclusive school for boys in the hopes of getting "caught" and brought to the marriage booth...to find your crush waiting
Check out the cute celebs who attended the teen version of the Bachelor Bash, the Candy Fair, hosted by our sister mag <i>Candy Magazine!</i>
Just a little over a week after the wet and wild party that is the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011, our "younger" sister magazine Candy hosted their annual "teen version" of the Bash: Candy Fair 2011.The event was held at the Megatent
See the <em>Darna</em> star's cute knick-knacks that she carries along with other essentials in her designer bag.
Are you and the gals in the mood for continental, Japanese, or Thai? Cosmo serves the most delectable picks from Eastwood Mall.
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