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This summa cum laude says it was not high grades that inspired her to excel.
Enderun Colleges may have several cum laude awardees each graduating year, but it only has one valedictorian who gets to the deliver the graduation speech. Any cum laude student can actually apply to be a valedictorian, and a panel determines who receives
Because sometimes you need to pay bills and can't just quit.
Pop quiz: Is your job A) boring, B) going nowhere, C) filled with awful annoying people, or D) any combination of the above?Most people have at least one of these gripes-and almost no one can just get up and quit.
It definitely worked out for them, though.
Though your education is super important, everyone's road to success is different. These stars may have dropped out of school, but they're doing just fine! *** This article originally appeared on Minor edits have been made by
She'll thank you later!
I've literally had a friend hand me her credit card just to keep her from shopping. She walked out of the mall empty-handed, true, but let's face it: It didn't change her spending habits. Most
'Basta dapat totoo ah.'
Angelica Panganiban, no stranger to love teams herself, was asked on Twitter which love team she roots for these days.Angelica replied that she likes them all, and added the secret to a successful on-and-off-screen pairing:"Basta dapat totoo
It's challenging but life-changing!
When it comes to job hunting, we know that most applicants still prefer to browse the job vacancies of established companies. They've been around for decades, and they're still running, so they must be successful, which means you&#