Who's your office BFF?
You've probably already heard of the term "work wife." In case you haven't, a work wife or husband isn't based on a romantic connection; instead, they are colleagues you constantly interact and form tight relationships with-
The most empowering portrayal of a woman should be somebody who can have both.
Filipino romantic comedies have evolved in leaps and bounds in the past decade-from formulaic plots and predictable endings to poetic writing, actors breaking away from their cherished love-team partners to explore other pairings, and scenes being set in great cities
Thinking of moving to another country?
It's never too late to change jobs and look for greener pastures elsewhere-may that be within the country, or outside of it. If you're planning to go abroad to look for better opportunities in your current line
Ask yourself: Is it even worth it?
The regular eight- to nine-hour shift always seems too short with the amount of work that you need, which is why you always find yourself clocking in an additional two to three hours in the office just to finish your tasks
What do YOU have to say if you're asked about your weaknesses?
Job interviews are never easy. You sit there, all dressed up in your best business outfit, and get asked difficult questions by someone who could potentially be your boss for years to come. And while you try your hardest to give the
'I'm so grateful for my experience there.'
Maureen Wroblewitz addressed rumors that she's been removed from the GMA-7 noontime show Eat Bulaga!The first Filipina winner of Asia's Next Top Model confirmed through a Q&A session on her YouTube channel that she has
Learn to find that work-life balance!
Stress is a natural part of life-it's not necessarily evil. It occurs whenever you need to cope with changes in your body as well as in your surroudings. In fact, short-term stress can be good for you as
Pro tip: Always put your mental health first!
25-year-old beauty queen Patch Magtanong was recently crowned Bb. Pilipinas International 2019 during the Binibining Pilipinas competition! She will be representing the country at this year's Miss International pageant, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan in November.
Guys, Basha didn't break up with Popoy because of chicken skin!
Gone are the days when lead female movie characters ~give up everything~, even their jobs, for love. These past decades in film have introduced us to strong career women with their own goals! Here are four fictional characters who never gave up
We all have our moments.
Managers always want their team members to be happy, and why not? Happy employees are known to be more productive. But while many HR departments go to such lengths to make the workplace more conducive for smiling workers, it's better
Why denigrate a woman who's trying to educate herself?
Last week, in maybe the most shocking Kardashian plot twist yet, Kim Kardashian announced via a Vogue interview that she's in the process of studying to become a lawyer and wants to take the bar exam in 2022. Needless to
Is there etiquette when it comes to being on time?
Job interviews are stressful. What are you supposed to wear? How do you answer tough questions? What time are you even meant to arrive? Timing can be tricky etiquette, because many regard it as rude to be early as it is to
And why you deserve better things in life.
How many times have you said that you're done with your job, that you're really going to resign, only to begrudgingly go back to work the following day and decide to keep on grinding until the next emotional
Plus, they'll make your cubicle look extra pretty!
Decorating your workspace is one way to express yourself in a professional setting, and you can make your desk d├ęcor work for you if they emanate good juju. Nothing does this better than crystals-aside from looking pretty, crystals are believed
A career expert on the reasons that might be getting in the way.
Navigating conversations at work about career progression and pay raise can feel tricky, which is why you want to put yourself in the best position for that promotion from the get-go.And while you might be overdue a promotion, a surprising
Because this conversation doesn't have to be awkward.
How to ask for a pay raise can feel like an awkward thing to navigate. Talking about money is not something people are usually accustomed to-in fact, you probably avoid it at all costs. But when it comes to your career,
Settling into that married life.
It turns out that the newly-married Justin Bieber is very relatable, and just like you, would rather hang out and watch movies than go to work (plus, he's too busy befriending dogs in strollers and eating burritos sideways to
A new study suggests we're not that content in our jobs.
A new study from the Association of Accounting Technicians has looked into the working life of women and come up with some interesting statistics.Apparently, the average woman thinks about quitting her job 17 times a year, and more drastic thoughts. It&#
The highs and lows of joining one of the country's most demanding industries.
No, this isn't a sob story. No, this isn't a scathing indictment of the call center industry, nor is it a how-to-survive-working-in-a-BPO guide. It's a reflection on an unprecedented but dramatic career change
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