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Excuse me, sir—
Thirst trap photos will always catch attention, so when Carlo Aquino recently posted one on Instagram, people *definitely* took notice. And when I say "noticed," I mean NOTICED.Carlo posted a pic of himself wearing boxer briefs in the bathroom with the
What's your reaction to his new look?
We're all for new looks, and we did not see Carlo Aquino's new hair color coming.The actor just posted on social media photos of his bright blue hair, and it's been drawing positive reactions from
In an interview, Carlo confirmed that he and Trina have gone their separate ways.
Trina Candaza recently responded to a netizen who made a comment about a possible reconciliation with Carlo Aquino.A netizen posted an Instagram comment on Trina's video post for a diaper brand on March 31 saying, "Sana magkaayos na kayo
It's set to be released this 2022!
Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino are pairing up for the first time in ABS-CBN Entertainment's upcoming series called How to Move On in 30 Days. According to ABS-CBN, the rom-com series follows the story of Maris'
Carlo was notably absent during the reveal of the new place.
Amidst speculations that she and partner Carlo Aquino have called it quits, Trina Candaza just revealed she moved to a new home with daughter Mithi. "Obviously, we moved to a new home. Bago na yung tinitirahan namin. Dito ko pinili kasi if
The netizen made some *serious* accusations.
Trina Candaza just received some intense bashing, and she had something to say.ICYMI, Trina took to FB on Friday to share a cryptic post which netizens believe hints she and her partner, Carlo Aquino, have broken up, and that a third
'Wag na kayo umasang magbabago pa yung jowa niyo na sakit sa ulo.'
Have Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza broken up?That's the question on netizens' minds, following Trina's cryptic post on FB on Friday."You will really know your worth to your partner if ano magiging actions niya '
*manifesting for a Season 2 appearance*
Anyone with access to the internet would know that Squid Game is the *the* show everyone's been talking about since it premiered last month. It's so huge that it's officially become the biggest show to ever
Director Hwang Dong Hyuk sent him a handwritten note last year.
Every day, we discover a *mind-blowing* fact about Squid Game, like it took 13 years before it was created into a series. This time, our report is related to a Pinoy celebrity: Carlo Aquino revealed that he almost appeared in the
Happy birthday, Enola Mithi!
Carlo Aquino and girlfriend Trina Candaza's unica hija Enola Mithi turned one on September 18!The happy family, who surprised everyone last year with the announcement of Enola's arrival, celebrated with the cutest Sesame Street-themed party.It
Bring out the tissues!
Drinking game idea: Take a shot every time someone in a #hugot film says something stupid about love-but you can still relate to the statement. It's when you yell at the screen, "Tanga!" but at the same time, somewhere
Father's Day is just a week away, and today we want to recognize the new famous Pinoy dads who are celebrating it for the first time ever! In this list, we'll also *introduce* you to their adorable bbs.
Super nakakagigil!
For your dose of ~good vibes~, here's a super cute and super nakakagigil video of all the adorable Filipino celeb babies on the internet-from kulit playtime with their famous parents to messily eating their baby food to all the
Do you believe in the power of *manifestation*?
Some would say that having people we admire fall in love with us only happens in our ~wildest dreams~. But for this set of stars, it actually happened IRL. In a cute twist of fate, these celebrities gushed over their now-SOs
Star Magic says they will not hesitate to take legal action.
ABS-CBN's talent agency Star Magic has released an official statement regarding the bashing and threats their artists' young children have been receiving on social media: "These posts are not only responsible and unnecessary, but they are also downright
It was from a troll account, too.
You know the world is *seriously* messed up when people are out there bashing and insulting babies. Yes, BABIES. In a recent Instagram Story, Carlo Aquino addressed a basher who made several uncalled-for comments about his daughter Enola Mithi. *Trigger warning:
'Hindi ko alam sa 'yo pala ako magkakaroon ng sariling pamilya.'
Carlo Aquino's girlfriend Trina Candaza just proved that *manifesting* is real.In a Facebook post on Friday, March 12, Trina shared a post showing the surprising but blissful turn of events in her life since 2018. The post featured two
'I am not exaggerating when I say that his presence is mesmerizing.'
I don't know about you, but my childhood was filled with many *fun* after-school activities such as eating meryenda, playing outside with friends, and, yes, waiting for my favorite actors to appear on TV. Remember those ~simpler~ times? With
2020 sure was bleak for a lot of us, but we still do find the light in these trying times-and that includes babies! Giving birth and raising an infant in the middle of a pandemic is incredibly challenging, so we'
A lot of the 'kids' in the film are parents now!
ABS-CBN's 2003 comedy film Ang Tanging Ina, which was followed by several movies featuring the same characters, told the story of a widow-and mother of 12-named Ina Montecillo, who works many odd jobs just to provide for