But we'll still miss you, Ross Butler!
As your broken heart already knows, Ross Butler will be vacating the role of Reggie on Riverdale for season 2. The ridiculously handsome gentleman is just too in demand to play Archie's main nemesis any longer. But there are no hard
RG is fetch in fairness.
We've all seen Mean Girls at least a million times, right? So we all know how perfectly put together it is.But imagine a world where the movie was turned on its head. Imagine if Regina George was played by someone
Here's why she chose to stay behind the scenes.
13 Reasons Why's Netflix adaptation was originally going to look totally different. While it's almost impossible to imagine anyone but the flawless Katherine Langford playing Hannah Baker, another actress was initially slated to take on the role-Selena Gomez.Back
Get to know the actors in the Hollywood film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's bestselling novel.
With our very own Kris Aquino rumored to be part of the Warner Brothers movie adaptation of the bestselling novel Crazy Rich Asians (written by Kevin Kwan), we did a little online snooping to track the timeline of the upcoming film's
Say hello to Henry Golding.
Here's the latest scoop on the film adaptation of the bestselling novel Crazy Rich Asians: an actor has been cast to play the lead role of Nick Young, and he is very handsome.World, meet Henry Golding:Henry, who's half-
You have until February 10 to audition!
This is for all the aspiring actors and actresses out there!Crazy Rich Asians, the best-selling book by Kevin Kwan, is about to become a movie, and director Jon Chu is looking for fresh talent.Though they are focusing on people
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