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Thou shalt not leave the used condom hanging off the top of the garbage can.
One of the benefits of having sex in a long-term relationship is that you can, over time, discuss the things that slightly annoy you. But casual sex is tricky-people are more likely to never see someone again than honestly critique
It's like the model-off-duty look, but for princesses.
Channel your inner princess into your day wear and prove that denim and maxi-dresses can look just as glamorous as a gown and a tiara!1. The High-Waist PantPrincess Alexandra of Hanover, who is 17 years old and 10th in
Spoiler: Most of these don't end well.
Hooking up with your coworker can end one of two ways: the hottest sex of your life; or with your boss walking in on you while you're bent over the sink with a guy, trying to explain that yes, those expense
Never assume you're allowed to sleep over.
1. I would rather you come back to my place, if only because I know for a fact that the sheets are clean on my bed. And that I have toilet paper in my bathroom and condoms in the nightstand.2. But
No. 8 is truly terrifying.
Hooking up is a true roller coaster of adventures and mishaps when you don't have enough money for a swanky AF bedroom yet, and you definitely don't have the money to live in a home without roommates. It's a