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It's super simple!
I know I'm gonna have a good day when I perfect my winged liner. It's so fun to do, and you can experiment with different types of eyeliners like gel, liquid, colored, glitter, and so much more! Cat
Here's how you can copy it!
I clearly remember Selena Gomez's "Love You Like A Love Song" days, when she experimented with bright pink and fiery red lippies. Now that the Latina beauty has grown up and turned into a certified hottie, she's playing up her
You only need two products!
A cat eye or feline flick is universally flattering-but it's also universally hard to draw on the lids. A lot of factors play into creating the perfect wing: how steady your hand, face, and feet are; the formula you're
This is GENIUS.
Achieving the perfect cat-eye is no easy feat-but lucky for makeup aficionados everywhere, Instagram user Makeup By Sugar has figured out a way to make winged liner basically foolproof.In a video posted on her Instagram page last month, the
These are about to be everywhere.
We've all been purring over the cat eye for so long (*yawn*), and while it is a classic go-to, it can get a bit tiring. So it's with wide open eyes that we welcome a few alternative wings.Joyce
We're not kidding!
Not all of us are ~*talented*~ enough to paint on a perfect cat eye smoothly on our lids. That's why everyone is so obsessed with finding the next shortcut, beauty hack, or tool that will help fix this
We are going to make your life easier, one beauty hack at a time.
Are your shaky hands hindering you from nailing the perfect cat eye? We feel ya!Next time you decide to use your eyeliner, use clear tape where you'd normally draw the flick, and use that as a guide-like the illustration
Wing it like a pro with these.
Sophia Lloren. Brigitte Bardot. Katy Perry. Angelina Jolie. Dita Von Teese.There are at least two things these women have in common: their oozing sex appeal and their signature cat eyes. That's why there's no denying that every Cosmo girl
Not a fan of feline furballs? These vids and gifs should do the converting for you!
Cop the singer-songwriter's most iconic looks.
Our January cover girl, Taylor Swift, has a lot going on. At 22, she's Forbes' highest-paid artist under 30. She has multiple fashion and beauty endorsement deals, her own perfume, and has probably dated the most number of Hollywood celebrities.