Noa Jansma is on a mission to educate people about the "objectification of women in daily life."
Catcalling is horrible. Some men feel they can shout and humiliate you in public with no repercussions and often, as women, we're left too intimidated or shaken to know how to respond.Personally, I often launch into a massive eyeroll and
Such a grand, expensive gesture is proof of Xian's love, admiration, and sincerity, right? WRONG.
The internet blew up yesterday after photos of a billboard with a message asking actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date went viral. Businessman Xian Gaza, who seems to paint himself as extremely wealthy on social media, basically spent six figures to
When it happens to someone they love, they get angry. VERY ANGRY.
Clearly, catcalling and other forms of street harassment make our blood boil-just look at all the articles we've published about how it makes us women feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and downright disrespected.This time, we wanted to know what our male
'It is deplorable that our women, young and adult, are subjected to this kind of abuse.'
Senator Risa Hontiveros recently presented Senate Bill No. 1326 or the Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act. The bill aims to penalize street harassment, such as catcalling and wolfwhistling.CNN Philippines quoted Hontiveros as saying, "It is deplorable that our women, young
The good news is women are finally fighting back.
Ah, street harassment-the Richter scale of our collective progress as a society. On buses, trains, hell, even Grab cars, women everywhere are still being groped, violated, and subjected to inappropriate physical contact without their consent. It must be something in the
'I've been locked out of my account a lot of times for calling out vile pages. They get all their members to report me.'
In June 2016, Raymond Peter Campiglio put up the Facebook page, Catcalled in the Philippines. He thought it would be a good way to empower women to share their stories and raise awareness about all forms of sexual harassment. As of February
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