It's uncomfortable to watch, but it happens every single day.
We can't say this enough: Women experience some form of harassment every day. We don't know a single woman who's never been a victim of unwanted attention or sexual advances. KAMI published a video of a
Everyone has a right to feel secure and protected equally.
Catcalling may seem like a harmless "expression of appreciation" to those who dole it out, but to the persons on the receiving end... that's definitely not the case. Words like "fear," "panic," and "threat" come to mind as sexual harassment is,
She has been covering the city with catcalls people have heard on its sidewalks.
One characteristic of street harassment -or catcalling-is that it generally happens fast. A man yells, "Hey baby!" from a moving car, or someone says, "Nice ass," after you've already walked by. It happens so fast, and then it'
Let’s fight it together.
Recently, women have been coming forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and assault on social media, their posts held together by a common thread: the words "Me too," written as such or as a hashtag. A trend launched by actress
Noa Jansma is on a mission to educate people about the "objectification of women in daily life."
Catcalling is horrible. Some men feel they can shout and humiliate you in public with no repercussions and often, as women, we're left too intimidated or shaken to know how to respond.Personally, I often launch into a massive eyeroll and
Such a grand, expensive gesture is proof of Xian's love, admiration, and sincerity, right? WRONG.
The internet blew up yesterday after photos of a billboard with a message asking actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date went viral. Businessman Xian Gaza, who seems to paint himself as extremely wealthy on social media, basically spent six figures to
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