This photo proves that she's *very* dedicated.
Taylor Swift is trying her hand at this whole acting thing, and as part of getting into character for her role in the movie Cats, she's fully embracing her new identity as a literal cat. Rebel Wilson posted an Instagram
Enough is enough, doggos.
OK listen, dogs are taking over the Internet, and we cannot allow this to happen.Earlier this week, the New York Times' "Internetting" web series claimed dogs have replaced cats as beloved Internet sensations. *scoff*There's more: BBC, Salon, and The
We've already rounded up our favorite celebs and their famous doggos, and now, we're listing down celebs with furry feline friends: Aside from her adorable dogs, Anne has cats at home, too! Everyone, meet the suuuuuuper adorable flat-
On February 19, 2017, news exploded about the disappearance of the community cats in the park fronting Shangri-La at the Fort. Cared for by CARA Welfare Philippines and the volunteer team Cats of BGC, these felines were either spayed or neutered,
If you live around Shangri-La at the Fort and BGC, you may have noticed that the cats that frequent those areas have been MIA. Well, you're not the only one. According to, Facebook user "Lucy M" took
It’s the cat-chiest place in town.
Actually, you don't even have to love cats to enjoy a trip to Cat Café Manila. A little boy remarked, "I thought it was going to be scary and terrible but then I loved it!" That's because Cat Café's
As proven by their fur-filled IG feeds!
1. Anne CurtisMogwai is not happy he's sharing the spotlight with doggy frenemy Grizzly. 2. Taylor SwiftMeredith and Olivia are clearly unimpressed by the perks of their pop superstar mom.3. Coleen Garcia4. Ian SomerhalderThe Vampire Diaries hottie is passionate about
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