Pick up top tricks for looking fab from Cosmo's former cover girl, now hailed <i>the</i> Sexiest Woman in the World by our bro mag, <i>FHM.</i>
We at Cosmo sure know a rising star when we see one. Remember what we said about our April cover girl, Sam Pinto? She's a "Star On The Rise." Well, this star is just sooo hot, she sizzled her way to
Learn a few <i>kikay</i> tricks from the fashion and beauty insiders themselves! Trust us, following these tips <i>won't</i> hurt your pocket.
Yes, they may be famous, rich, pampered with tons of luxurious gifts, and/or have access to a haven of fab beauty finds, but these celebrities and fashion industry insiders have their own cheap tricks up their sleeves, too! Most magazines today
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