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Take it from the stars themselves.
Styling an outfit may be a hard task for others, but for some, it comes naturally. If you're one of those women who take too much time thinking about what to wear even on casual days, here are some style pegs
Too sweet!
We'd be the last to ever declare that the ruffles and ribbons of your childhood should be left there, and Anne Curtis obviously agrees-who rocks the saccharine little girl look better than this full-grown woman? This season, anything sweet
Princess Diana, who never got to meet her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, still plays an important role in the life of the young royal. Aside from the iconic engagement ring, see the looks in which the two royal women pass off
Cosmo's summer girl for 2011 divulges her fashion and beauty must-haves, reading list and playlist, and even her flirting style, just for the season!
We asked this young actress to pick her faves from among her ever-changing looks and quirky yet chic attires. Pick up some styling ideas!