Bright and beautiful!
What's your favorite rainbow color? Click through the gallery to see these lovely ladies rocking ROYGBIV.
This week in cuteness.
Babies! Hunks with mutts! Zac Efron! View our gallery for Instagram snapshots of celebs we stalked this week.
Eat, work, sleep, repeat!
The show must go on! Although some stars were lucky enough to take the day off on July 16, others had to brave the rain for work's sake. Click through the gallery to see what these were up to.
These animals are even bigger stars than their owners, FUR REAL.
Aww, can we keep you? Launch the gallery for the cutest celebrity pets!
Sweet and sexy, just the way we like it.
It's the battle of the braids! Which celebrity has the prettiest plait? Click through the gallery and let us know your favorites by commenting below!
Celebrities doing things!
It's not all glitz and glamour for these superstars. When the camera stops rolling and they step out of their characters' shoes, they do normal stuff like normal people (because duh, of course they are). Click through the gallery to see
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