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The singer-actress loves both high-end and affordable beauty products.
When it comes to her daily makeup look, Julie Anne San Jose never forgets to do one thing-her brows. "'Di talaga ako naglalagay ng makeup...[but yes,] nag-kikilay ako," the singer-actress confessed.We got curious about the other essentials
It can kind of get crazy!
The Star Magic Ball is one of the most anticipated celebrity events every year-it's where you see the brightest and freshest celebs of ABS-CBN all together, dressed to the nines. Every actress always looks like a princess in their
It's a makeup kit staple!
It's true that we always see celebs totally glammed up when they're facing the camera, but on their days off, they like to keep their primping routine super easy. Stars like Sue Ramirez, Sofia Andres, and Emma Watson always reach
We found the dupes, too!
Riverdale just released its Season 2 trailer, and this means we can obsess over the lives of Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lilli Reinhart), Veronica (Camilla Mendes), and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) once again. There is one character that stands out, however, and she'
She uses the former on her brows!
Into the Gloss' Top Shelf series is one of our favorite beauty reads ever for two main reasons: First, it presents women, including some of the most famous in the world, in a candid, intimate light-you can really feel their
These hacks aren't just for royals!
The Duchess of Cambridge may step out in dreamy designer outfits and go for $1,000 haircuts like they're no big deal, but she apparently won't hesitate to try a quick beauty hack or two! During an appearance on British
Plus, a few more beauty tips from the actress!
It doesn't take a lot of effort to make Liza Soberano look amazing-she's already super gorgeous to begin with! And as proven by the actress during an interview with, she's actually pretty low-key in the
For that gorgeous glow, of course!
These days, sheet masks are such an indispensable part of our routines. And while we love throwing one on to help us relax after a long day, we're picking up a trick from these celebrities' beauty books-by sheet masking before
Plus, the best celebrity beauty looks from this week!
Isabelle Daza, who is currently in Marrakesh, Morroco, gave us a quick look into her morning beauty routine with this photo on her Instagram page. We spot lots of luxurious beauty products: Charlotte Tilbury, La Mer, Benefit, and the latest beauty oil
George candidly tells Cosmo how she maintains her figure and cares for her skin. Plus, pick up a fashion tip or two from the stylish it girl!
Who knew that cheap grocery store items can also be used as fab haircare products? Our Style & Beauty columnist shares DIY concoctions even stars swear by!
So many products in the market, yet so little time (or budget)! Don't you think that it's such a constant purchase tease? We all just want to buy them all, right? How lucky these celebrities, they have the top stylists
See behind-the-scenes photos of this <i>Pinoy Big Brother</i> stunner's fashion shoot with Cosmo for this month's issue. She talks fashion and beauty, too.
You've probably seen this bombshell beauty in various magazines and TV commercials (and even in your bathroom! Yes, her face was in every Sunsilk sachet years ago). Thanks to her tall frame, Sam Pinto started out as a print and TV
Ever wonder how celebs stay gorgeous? Here's a hint: it's not plastic surgery! We let you in on their top beauty tricks.
Our obsession with celebrities and models is a love-hate relationship, if you think about it. You love them because they're just so beautiful but then you also hate them because they're just so, well, damn, beautiful! Don't you
The model, stylist, <em>and </em> columnist talks about the pros and cons of sunbathing and self-tanning to get that sun-kissed summer glow.
Whether it's summer or not, nothing looks sexier than having a tanned and toned physique. Even without hitting the gym, a darker skin tone creates more shadows or contours, which, in effect, gives the optical illusion of a more fit
The gorgeous young star shows us the contents of her handbag, and tells us her secret to staying beautiful.