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Dreams really can come true.
Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa recently married actress Lisa Bonet before admitting he's had a crush on the star since he was eight years old.The couple were together for over 12 years before tying the knot, and have
May pag-asa pa tayo, CGs!
Celebs hooking up with models or fellow celebs is no biggie. But amidst predictable Hollywood hookups, there exists the classic fantasy where an A-lister picks a girl from the crowd and swoops her into his (or her) loving arms. Here are
Hey, young Leo.
While it's true that Leonardo DiCaprio is getting better and better with age, he was also the CUTEST teenager - as proven by this hilarious cheese advert from the '80s.He's most famous for the likes of Titanic, Catch Me If
He was actually born in Italy.
1. He was born in Italy on Aug. 4, 1992, in a city in Tuscany called Arezzo, where his parents were teaching English. The family moved to California when Cole and Dylan were 4 months old.2. Cole's mom got him
They're not afraid to flaunt it!
Whoever said that moms can't flaunt their bikini bodies have got it all wrong. Here, we round up 11 of the most fabulous bikini shots of our favorite celebrity hot mommas:12. Sarah Lahbati sizzles in sunshine yellow.This story originally
James Younghusband, Jake Cuenca, and more gorgeous men endorse the newest brand of corned beef you can enjoy!
You've probably seen the billboards featuring five hotties standing on a lush, green mountainside. You've also probably caught the commercial where these same men feast on a yummy new version of an old family food fave. Actor and Cosmo Bachelor
You had the chance to catch the action that you missed (or relive it) when we aired the telecast of the Bash recently! Now, see what the Centerfolds were doing before, during, and after the show, behind the scenes!
Our 2011 Cosmo Centerfolds wowed us on the runway at this year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash, which you were able to watch on ETC last Sunday and Monday. You've seen all their antics on the ramp--getting wet, throwing roses, cutting
View exclusive outtakes from John Lloyd's Cosmo <i>cover</i> shoot and learn his thoughts on the hottest topic of the month: FASHION.
Here's a roundup of the top 10 hunky celeb articles you, our dear readers, viewed most over the past year. Enjoy revisiting the pages of these hot men!
As you very well know, is celebrating its second birthday this month, and as a special treat, we've been revealing the most popular articles over the past year. So far, the Best of has included the top
This week, Jaco talks about heartbreak, and gives girls helpful tips for moving on. Attaboy! His third photo gallery is easy on the eyes, too!
You can count on an artist to know what it means to fall in and out of love--then make something beautiful out of it. Our August Cosmo Online Hunk Jaco Benin--a budding actor and musician--proves that he can do
Ever wondered where the Pinoy heartthrob is and what he'll do next to sweep <i>Pinays</i> off their feet? Cosmo last spotted him in his new home network--with a fun new show!
Before Cosmo even started naming Cosmo Centerfolds--the 10 hottest male celebrities year after year--actor Aga Muhlach was already making Pinay hearts melt in his 61 movies and several TV shows. And just as age is nothing but a number to
On this celeb hottie's final week, discover his sexy side and secret talents. Plus: the last batch of steamy photos for your viewing pleasure.
We've learned a lot about this multi-talented hottie over the past few weeks, but now he's putting everything out on the table. Ever wonder what your cute seatmate could be daydreaming about? Well here, our June featured hunk Lucky
Third time's a charm, so not only do we reveal juicy details about this hot celeb's life, we're also posting over 100 swoon-worthy photos this week!
Hey college Cosmo girls, how has the first week of school been treating you? Still stuck in lazy summer mode? Well, we've got something to get your heart pumping: more of our June Cosmo Online Hunk Lucky Mercado. Over the last
We got to chat with the charming <i>American Idol</i> champ--before he hit the Manila stage--about his budding career, lasting romance, and who will win Season 10.
Admit it: sometimes after a great live episode of American Idol, you just want to ignore the "You Cannot Vote" disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, and pick up the phone to attempt an international call. We tune-in not just
Think you know everything there is to know about this actor/chef? Think again. Take a look at how he spends a regular day, which includes an exclusive peek at the set of his soap <i>Alyna!</i>
No, we're not done yet! As our opening salvo for 2011, we're treating you to another "A Day In The Life Of A Celebrity" feature, this time with this Cosmopolitan Bachelor and Cosmo Online Hunk that you're crazy about:
Get to know this Brazilian hottie more, as he reveals the hopeless yet fun romantic in him and even sings a few lines from a sweet song!
Find out what this celebrity hunk is like behind the camera, as we give you exclusive access to what goes on in a regular Sunday for this TV5 actor.
Ever wonder what celebrities do on a daily basis? Sure you know they spend so many hours (even days) on the set shooting scenes for their shows. But aside from the actual scenes you see on TV, do you wonder what they
All for the love of Fashion Month, we made our November hunk particularly <i>fasyon</i> for you. See this young actor work it in more photos this week!
Don't you just get a rush when your man looks extra fashionable, or your crush in the office is more maporma than usual? We want to give you that kilig feeling all month, so we're dressing up our November hunk
In the third installment of our Best of series for our first anniversary month, we're revealing the 10 male celebs you loved this year.
Time flies so fast, and we can't help but reminisce about the great year that was for Since we're well aware that our birthday fell on the month of men, men, men in Cosmo--with everyone abuzz about
Watch behind-the-scenes footage of our shoots with male celebrities like Guji Lorenzana, Paul Jake Castillo, and Nico Ibaviosa, who lent our list of 69 hot men extra star power!