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'I even cried because of the pain a few times.'
When we think of iconic K-pop hairstyles, one that immediately comes to mind is Sandara Park's palm tree (or pineapple) ponytail from her 2NE1 days. It was first featured in the music videos for "Fire" and "Lollipop," and people
Check out her cool new ‘do!
Just when we thought Ellie Eigenmann couldn't possibly get any cooler, the seven-year-old kid goes and rocks an androgynous cut. Mom Andi Eigenmann posted Ellie's new 'do, which is similar to the hairstyle of the actress from the
We are living for it!
We thought Liza Soberano was just wearing a regular ponytail, but little did we know that she was hiding a surprise at the back: Pink-colored ends!Liza's hairstylist, Raymond Santiago, created the Barbie Doll-inspired 'do for the
It's the shortest haircut she's ever gotten.
Arci Muñoz let go of her super long locks and traded it for a fresher, shorter, 'do. Her asymmetric lob is courtesy of Hairshaft Salon's Creative Director, Carl Dana. Carl kept the front layers long to frame Arci's face.
It's pretty basic, but it adds serious cool points!
While celebrities' long lustrous hair may be pretty to have, it's hard to pull it off ourselves. We aren't blessed with a glam team, and nobody has the time to go through the whole shebang of blow-
It's so easy to copy!
We've always stuck to layers whenever we get haircuts, but it seems like things are taking a different turn this season. Taking into consideration the rise of K-drama influence, Hollywood trends, and local celeb sightings, it appears that shaggy
Looking good, Sel.
If you're still looking for a sign if you should give bangs a try, our fave gal Selena Gomez is here to tell you to just go for it. Byrdie shared that Marissa Marino, Sel's hairstylist for many years, just
Anne Curtis, Liza Soberano, and Jessy Mendiola show us the prettiest ways to style it!
Let these celebs show you how to take the easiest hairstyle to the next level.VIDEO by Jean SaturninoFollow Ira on Instagram.Follow Jean on Instagram.
No glam team? No problem.
It's no secret that A-listers get gorgeous 'dos via the skillfull hands of their hairstylists, but if you're not #blessed with a glam team, DIY is the way to go. Below, we collected the most popular celeb looks and
It looks good on her, tbh.
Kylie Jenner let go of her long locks and got a bob. Hooray for everybody! Let me present the photo evidence that the youngest Jenner received a haircut.Here's what Kylie looked like last week:And here's the haircut in
Let your fave stars show you how it's done.
The ponytail is the most basic hairstyle we all have mastered, but if you're quite bored of how it looks, tweaking it a bit can easily change your look. Let these stars school you on how you can give your
They totally suit her delicate features.
Curtain fringes are popular among It girls the world over, especially when paired with slightly messy textured tresses. The look first trended in the '70s (see perennial style icon Jane Birkin), but judging by the celebs sporting the trend in recent years,
Summer is definitely in the air.
Another day, another celebrity going short! First came Angel Locsin and then Erich Gonzales, with Sue Ramirez and Bea Alonzo following suit-now, it's Kaye Abad's turn. In case you need a refresher, here's the actress before the big
Time to say goodbye to long hair, CGs.
You can tell summer is well on its way when everyone's suddenly booking salon appointments to get a haircut-anything to combat the oppressive heat, right?But it's also a quick, virtually painless way to change one's look, and
We are in love!
If the super hot weather still hasn't convinced you to get rid of your long locks, this one will: Bea Alonzo is now a proud member of the short hair club. Yup, she doesn't look like this anymore.Short and
It's the shortest she's ever gone.
People cope with breakups differently, but if celebrities are any indication, cutting one's hair is a good way to do it. Just look at Katy Perry, who just debuted a rough and messy pixie cut days after her split from Orlando
Emma Stone looked flawless!
From the stars who turned to Old Hollywood glam for their hair and makeup, to the women who accentuated their hairstyles with some choice accessories, here are 10 beauty looks that caught our eye at the 2017 Academy Awards:VIDEO: Jean SaturninoFollow
Yet another peg for your fringe fantasies!
Liz Uy just updated her chic bob haircut in the best way possible-by adding textured, jagged bangs! The celebrity stylist recently shared the fresh chop on her Instagram, and wow.
A sun-kissed hue that complements a tan!
A new year is always the perfect time to reinvent your look, and we can't think of a more exciting beauty upgrade than a fresh dye job. We all know blonde hair is always a tempting idea, but if you want
We're crushing so hard.
Another day, another good reason to get a haircut! Selena Gomez just debuted an effortlessly beautiful lob on social media-and we're literally thisclose to chopping off our hair, too. Songwriter Justin Tranter uploaded the candid shot of Sel on his