Whether they're real or drawn on!
The freckles trend is far from over, and the celebrities who can't stop flaunting them are proof. So to convince you to jump on the train, too, here's how you can pull off the look-whether you are
Look fab during your holiday celebrations!
There are three ways you can do your makeup on Christmas Eve: glamorous and elegant, simple and fresh, or au naturel. If you haven't started planning your Noche Buena motn (makeup of the night), we rounded up our favorite celebrity
From Rihanna to Ashley Tisdale, and everyone in between.
With Rihanna's Fenty Beauty dropping in Sephora PH, we couldn't help but give mad props to all the gorgeous ladies making their mark in the makeup industry. From models to Insta-influencers, and movie stars to reality TV sensations, these
Check this out for some major beauty inspo!
From lavender highlighter to eye makeup in every color you can think of, behind every beautiful face is a talented makeup artist. Let's take a look and admire their lovely masterpieces at the 2017 Star Magic Ball below:Tin AlbanoSinger Mica
It can kind of get crazy!
The Star Magic Ball is one of the most anticipated celebrity events every year-it's where you see the brightest and freshest celebs of ABS-CBN all together, dressed to the nines. Every actress always looks like a princess in their
When it comes to bold red lippie, no modern-day woman owns it quite like Gwen.
As the uber-cool frontwoman of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani was every girl's style and beauty icon in the '90s. The singer wore braces, blue hair, and baby bangs without hesitation-and while the trends she started sometimes felt too bold
Emma Stone looked flawless!
From the stars who turned to Old Hollywood glam for their hair and makeup, to the women who accentuated their hairstyles with some choice accessories, here are 10 beauty looks that caught our eye at the 2017 Academy Awards:VIDEO: Jean SaturninoFollow
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