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Just in time for the summer and music festival season.
1. Hide your cash or IDs in between your phone and the phone case. You definitely don't need to lug around all credit cards. Only bring the money and IDs you need, and slip them discreetly in your phone case.2.
Stand out from the crowd this semester with these stylish and colorful items that all you techies will love!
Sick of boring black gadgets cramping your college style? Well, say goodbye to your frumpy old possessions and make way for fun new items that will get you psyched for the upcoming school year!Our must-have tech stuff are now available
Your must-haves for the new school year include a trusty gizmo that will make work (and play) time sooo much more enjoyable and convenient.
It's that time of year again! A new academic term is about to begin, and it's the perfect time to update your arsenal of school tools. Impress your blockmates with these techie gadgets that will come in handy both inside
It's that time of the year again! We're putting out the first wave of cameras, phones, even TVs you may want to give special people--including yourself--for the holidays.
Wow, it's mid-October already, and before you know it, we only have a few weeks left before Christmas! That's why we thought of making October our Budget Month--so we could help you scrimp and save and get the
One of the country's most beautiful actresses and five celebrated Pinoy fashion designers' creations grace the launch of the must-have <i>kikay</i> mobile.
The Pinoy tech scene welcomed a fashionable baby, the MyPhone S Q27 Duo, with a super chic event at the Fashion Walk of Greenbelt 5 recently. The event was highlighted by a fashion show featuring the creations of top Pinoy designers and
It's all about staying connected! Phones, digicams, webcams, and other things your computer needs--right here, right now.
Career-driven Cosmo chicks like you need your gadgets. And we know you also like to keep tabs on the latest gizmos in the market: as soon as new technology comes out, newer technology is developed to improve upon the old, and
A cool, pretty gizmo is bound to crop up in your wish list. Cosmo scoured gadget fest CEL Manila for the best finds.
While some of you are already too excited to take advantage of the malls' holiday sales for the best fashion and beauty finds for yourself and your loved ones, we know there's that part of you that's looking forward to