Her reasoning is *so* powerful.
Last week, Demi Lovato decided she was over the body image she was seeing perpetuated on Instagram, so she posted pictures of her own "flaws" to point out that even celebrities aren't perfect. Now she's elaborating on why
FYI: There is no magic cream that can zap it all away.
According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, cellulite is a localized metabolic disorder of subcutaneous tissue that provokes an alteration or modification of skin topography evident by skin dumpling and nodularity. In layman's terms, it's the stubborn "cottage
'[Cellulite] isn't an indication of health, and it isn't an indication of self-worth.'
The first time my 13-year-old eyes discovered the cellulite on my thighs I immediately ran to my mom wondering WTF it was and how to get rid of it. She assured me that most women in our family have cellulite,
Love those lady lumps!
Cellulite, like most of our imperfections, is something we're constantly told we shouldn't have. And if we're unlucky enough to have them, we should work unreasonably hard to erase, erase, erase. Magazines encroach on the privacies of celebrities on
A no-BS explanation of cellulite.
There is much mystery surrounding cellulite, but whatever you hear and read about it, one thing's for sure: There is NOTHING wrong with having it. The many "miracle" cures out there claiming to help reduce the appearance of fat deposits that
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