Bestie Nadine Lustre included.
Yassi Pressman would be the first to admit that she isn't the best in drawing, but our July Cosmo cover girl was still super game to do this challenge! Watch Yassi try her best to channel her inner visual artist
As usual, get ready for some LOLz!
Our favorite Argentinian funnyman, Nico Bolzico, has been taking over the interwebz with every post he makes. Apart from managing his personal and undeniably hilarz IG account, he's been doing collabs with bloggers as well. This time, Nico's teamed up
'E for elephants. Elephants have long trunks.' Um, okay, lol!
We're super crushing on model/host Richard Juan, and he indulged us by doing an A-Z video which made us LOL pretty hard. Even though he had a tough time thinking of answers, he's still the chinito cutie of
Ge to know more about our March cover girl! #YassiForCosmo
You think you know Yassi Pressman? Well, think again. Here, our March Cosmo cover girl tells the A-Zs of being one of the hottest young stars today! ***  Read your Cosmo wherever you go! Click here for your subscription options.Subscribe to
Probably the MOST judgmental challenge there could ever be.
Whether it's chucking ice over yourself, ditching your makeup or, err, holding a coke with just your boobs, the internet lurrrrves a 'challenge'.The latest fad to divide the internet is the #DontJudgeChallenge. You might have noticed friends bombarding your newsfeed
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