'Please. Do I look like I have a Cinderella complex?'
We've gotten hooked on this Netflix TV series (which recently got renewed for a second season) and we absolutely love how honest and real it is! Sex Education only consists of eight episodes, so binge-watching is not a problem.
Have we been conditioned to find stalking acceptable?
At first glance, Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg in Netflix's hit show You is 100 percent our type on paper. He's creative, he's funny, he's self-effacing, he's charming, he'
They were more than just supporting characters.
You know how it goes: In every K-drama, there's the main guy who makes us swoon (the leading oppa), and the lead girl with very relatable feels (the heroine). But beyond the star couple, some K-dramas shine the
Local cinema is full of #GirlPower.
There is no one way to define being an empowered woman. Women CAN be strong and powerful in different ways. Our own local movie industry celebrates women's empowerment by creating nuanced but powerful female characters we can all learn from and
These guys win our hearts from the get-go onscreen, but let's take a moment to think, as in REALLY THINK, about them.
Justin of She's the ManRemember Justin, Viola Hastings' (Amanda Bynes) soccer player boyfriend in She's the Man? It's one thing to be a sexist douche for saying girls can't play soccer as well as guys-which is bad
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