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Cosmo explores the not-so-secret dugout many Pinoy men frequent without guilt: the spakol.
When May, 25, a banker and law student, met 28-year-old Teddy, a researcher, she thought she hit the jackpot. He was everything she wanted in a guy: tall, smart, romantic, with a great sense of humor. He was also a
Would you take back your two-timing boyfriend or boot him out of your life forever?
Would you take back your two-timing boyfriend or boot him out of your life forever? Here are things to think about if you're planning to stay or to call it quits.Quel Valencia, 26, dated someone who had a cheating
It can happen.
You could be in what you perceive to be a stable relationship but still end up cheating, says therapist Mira Kirshenbaum, author of When Good People Have Affairs. "Typically they are in a committed relationship, but they aren't perfectly happy," she
People in HAPPY relationships can cheat?!
1. "Cheating" needs to be defined sometimes.According to marriage and family therapist Michele Weiner-Davis, "Betrayal is in the eye of the beholder." People define cheating differently. Others say that something only counts as cheating if there's sex or sexual
He's a really, really honest guy.
1. He's open about new friendships. So he made some friends at his bro's party or at work, which is normal since that's the polite and friendly thing to do. He casually tells you something funny or amazing that
Thoughts, ladies?
If you think those simple "friendly" text messages with your co-worker don't bother your guy, think again. Here, guys voice out what they consider as cheating:The basic premise is, if you're doing something with anyone and you feel
There's a website for spouses to commit adultery, and it has almost 40 million users to this date.
With the motto of "Life is short. Have an affair," Ashley Madison is the dating website flocked by married people (or people in a committed relationship) who want to commit adultery. To put it bluntly or crassly, it's for cheaters.Ashley
I told you so.
You finally caught that lying scumbag red-handed. Has he been cheating on you for months? Yes. Did he try to deny it? Naturally. Now that everything's out in the open, however, you're not sure about how you should feel.
And it's all about how much money they make.
A new study published in the American Sociological Review revealed what makes your partner more likely to cheat. Yahoo! News reports that the study, conducted at the University of Connecticut, shows that partners who are dependent on their spouses' income are up
Apparently for most millennials, it is.
Your boyfriend leaves a flirty comment on another girl's photo or constantly tweets back and forth with a female friend.Is this cheating?While some might shrug it off as harmless, a big chunk of people aged 18 to 34 see
There's sleeping near someone and then there's sleeping with someone.
1. OK: He got drunk at a house party and passed out on his friend's bed with three other people including another girl, maybe. One of the most important twentysomething survival skills is being able to find a comfortable place to
So does this website really condone cheating?
We've watched numerous movies and telenovelas that mimic real-life love triangles and forbidden love. There's just something about the scandal and drama that keeps us glued to our screens. So when it was announced that world'
I don't regret anything.
Dear A,Let me start off by saying, "I'm sorry." I am sorry that you chose to take the path your family, friends, and most of all, I, thought you would never take. I am sorry you cheated. It just wasn'
What girls REALLY think.
1. It's an exit strategy. Because your guy doesn't have the balls to say it to your face, he would rather cheat on you with another chick and let you do the breaking up. What a coward!2. He gave
Quick style shortcuts you can use forevs.
We already rounded up the best beauty hacks; it's time to move on to style shortcuts you will inevitably use when disaster strikes and you find yourself with a wrinkly top sans an iron. Or when your killer heels are literally
Predict how your new guy will behave down the road by keeping an eye out for these telling signs. Each one represents a red flag that he may have trouble staying faithful.
1. He shrugs off his buddies' infidelities.2. Even if he's sweet, he fails to do much of anything romantic.3. He "jokingly" reminds you that you beat out other women who wanted him.4. Almost nothing triggers any kind of
Should you forgive him after he strays? Answering these important queries will help you see the issue in a better light and come to a clear decision.
1. Was it a one-time thing or something more?Don't forget that, either way, your guy was still unfaithful and disrespected your bond. But, it may be harder to put it behind you if it was an ongoing hook-up
Studies show that men are more likely to two-time in warm-weather months. Look out for warnings and know how to handle the sitch.
We hate to put a damper on all the out-of-town trips you've been planning, but there's some surprising news you need to know: Summer is cheat season--the time of year when people are most likely to sneak
Can you repair a relationship broken by infidelity? One psychiatrist thinks it's possible. Find out how.
Discovering your man's infidelity can be devastating, but a breakup isn't inevitable. Here, psychiatrist Keith Ablow, author of Living the Truth, suggests ways to handle an affair's aftermath.Ask him why.Put your grief, jealousy, and rage aside long