Cosmo explores the not-so-secret dugout many Pinoy men frequent without guilt: the spakol.
When May, 25, a banker and law student, met 28-year-old Teddy, a researcher, she thought she hit the jackpot. He was everything she wanted in a guy: tall, smart, romantic, with a great sense of humor. He was also a
Would you take back your two-timing boyfriend or boot him out of your life forever?
Would you take back your two-timing boyfriend or boot him out of your life forever? Here are things to think about if you're planning to stay or to call it quits.Quel Valencia, 26, dated someone who had a cheating
It can happen.
You could be in what you perceive to be a stable relationship but still end up cheating, says therapist Mira Kirshenbaum, author of When Good People Have Affairs. "Typically they are in a committed relationship, but they aren't perfectly happy," she
People in HAPPY relationships can cheat?!
1. "Cheating" needs to be defined sometimes.According to marriage and family therapist Michele Weiner-Davis, "Betrayal is in the eye of the beholder." People define cheating differently. Others say that something only counts as cheating if there's sex or sexual
He's a really, really honest guy.
1. He's open about new friendships. So he made some friends at his bro's party or at work, which is normal since that's the polite and friendly thing to do. He casually tells you something funny or amazing that
Thoughts, ladies?
If you think those simple "friendly" text messages with your co-worker don't bother your guy, think again. Here, guys voice out what they consider as cheating:The basic premise is, if you're doing something with anyone and you feel
There's a website for spouses to commit adultery, and it has almost 40 million users to this date.
With the motto of "Life is short. Have an affair," Ashley Madison is the dating website flocked by married people (or people in a committed relationship) who want to commit adultery. To put it bluntly or crassly, it's for cheaters.Ashley
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