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Love what you have, girl!
Chubby, bilog, siopao, mamon-y'all have been teased with these nasty names just because you were born with a round face. And instead of hating your natural facial structure and fighting it with contouring products, why not just embrace it?
It's super easy!
The "drunk blush" makeup look first became popular in Japan, but here in the Philippines, it was Nadine Lustre who made it famous. If you can't picture it in your head, this basically mimics how red your face turns when
Find out the best locally available substitute for the Internet-famous product.
Hearing the word Glossier makes any beauty girl gush with longing, wishing that this millennial brand can finally hit the Philippine market or, at least, be open to international shipping within Asia.And because it's quite an inconvenience to go through
You might be making these mistakes!
Score rosy cheeks without looking like someone slapped you in the face by watching the video below: HAIR: Toni Santos MAKEUP: Sassa Carlos MODEL: Jeanine Tsoi VIDEO: Jean Saturnino and Trina Elefante Follow Ira on Instagram.Follow Jean on Instagram.Follow Trina
It's pretty easy!
It can be mind-boggling to find that *perfect* shade of blush for our skin tone. Like, who has time to spend their life swatching every pan in the makeup store?Thankfully, Purewow has found the easiest hack to find the best
Find out which one gives the most romantic flush.
Rosy shades give you a pretty, romantic flush-as if you just saw your crush! Plus, this hue is perfect for everyday wear, and totally works well with any eyeshadow or lip color.For today's installment of Beauty
Embrace the glow.
With the temperature and humidity still annoyingly high this month, we bet you dread stepping out of your office or car while wearing makeup because you think it's going to melt. But with cream blushes, it's a different
Avoid these common blush blunders.
1. You use the wrong brush. When the brush is too small, it might create defined circles on your cheeks that are hard to blend. Use one that's specifically created for blush application to evenly deposit the color.Suesh Angled
Do these ~*cute cushions*~ live up to the hype?
For our last edition of Beauty Wars for this month, we chose a hot (but cute) makeup trend-cushion blush.Read on to find out which one is worth the purchase.***Aritaum Sugarballl Cushion Blusher in No. 2 Milk CoralPrice:
These will suit ALL face shapes!
Despite what the makeup rules say, there is actually more than one blush style. In fact, there are five! No matter what your face shape is-be it round, oval, oblong, heart, square, or diamond-these blush styles will help you switch
Reviews of products in the shade you'll be wearing all summer long!
The cool weather calls for rose-toned blushes, while brightening pink tones are for gloomy days. But when it's hot and humid and the sun feels like it'll never set, it's time to bring out the
Contouring is the best makeup technique in the whole world.
They said the baby fat on your face would go away once you reach adulthood, but you have reached adulthood and you still have fat cheeks. No matter how many angles and poses you try in front of the camera, your cheekbones
You'll have the cheekbones of Kim Jones in no time!
If you weren't born with the bone structure of Halle Berry, J.Lo, Diane Kruger, or Kate Moss, don't worry your pretty little head. Use these tips from makeup artist Mally Roncal and learn how to use makeup to fake