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*heavy breathing*
We turn to TikTok for everything these days. From fashion hacks and skincare advice to tips on how to clean our home. The latest thing we've been scrolling through on our *for you page* has been recipes.Yep, we ended
Para sa paborito mong ka-cheese-misan.
There are *so many* delicious food to try these days. Take, for example, these leche flan-filled donuts. But there's something extra special about cheese; you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn't love at
Right now, it's only available on a pre-order basis.
Burratas are a pretty big deal in my family, and in the past, no visit to Gino's Brick Oven Pizza was complete without *at least* one order. ICYDK, a burrata is a fresh, soft Italian cheese made from mozzarella, cream,
Yay for cheese dougnut cravings!
I've always been jealous of friends who live in the northern part of Metro Manila. Every weekend, I would see them post their merienda which I badly wanted to try: Lola Nena's Old-Fashioned and Triple Cheese Doughnuts.
We can't stop thinking about it!
We're a sucker for anything that has cheese on it, especially if it involves butter and carbs! As we were browsing our social media feeds, we found a cheesy treat that made us drool so much. We wished we could
Serve it as a dip or eat it as a complete meal!
Just when we thought we tried all the trendy baked trays on Instagram, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw another prospect! Meet the Good Carbs MNL Wagyu Bacorn Cheese Bake.It's not your typical baked dip
Raise you're hand if you're *always* craving lasagna.
What's not to love about the humble lasagna? This dish, which is traditionally made of alternating layers of pasta, ragu, and cheese, deserves more recognition. Whenever I think of a tray of lasagna, I see my family around the dining
It's so easy to make!
We don't know about you, but whenever we binge-watch our fave K-drama, we always make sure we have some snacks to munch on. It's even better when they're Korean, too! But if you'
Enjoy these with a cup of coffee.
One quarantine baked good that's not getting enough attention are cheese rolls. And we're adamant about correcting that. Ube desserts, burnt basque cheesecakes, and tres leches are all great but surely there's room in your heart (
Including how much each one costs. ;)
It's going to be a while until your next wild night out with your barkada, but staying in with a cocktail or a glass of wine and an unbeatable cheese + cold cuts platter can be equally fun. Everyone just needs
Soooo yummy!
I found ChizMozza during a random stroll in the food court. I was just walking around, not looking for anything specific. But when I laid my eyes on their stall, I was immediately drawn to their mozzarella sticks. I mean, who could
This promo will run for two days only.
What could be better than pizza? Well, there's pizza at a discounted price! Sbarro is celebrating National Cheese Day by offering an extra large New York Cheese pizza slice for only P1. Yes, you read that right: an extra large
The ultimate Christmas (and Instagram-friendly) centerpiece.
Grazing tables are the latest dinner party du jour, and when better to create one of your own to share with friends and family than during Christmas?The classic cheeseboard is synonymous with the festive period, and with a few simple yet
Don't forget to capture that cheese pull.
Everything I love about food goes back to the beauty of mukbangs, especially when they eat anything with cheese. Mukbangers *know* that viewers live for that cheese pull, which usually ends up as the main image of every video. So when I
This is a game changer.
If there's one thing we're good at, it's eating cheese. So for anyone to even suggest we're doing it wrong, is quite frankly an insult.But considering a viral video that's making
Best paired with a glass of wine and some friends!
Everyone deserves an indulgent meal once in a while. And what better way to spend your cheat day than around a cheese platter, a bottle of wine, and some loved ones? Whether you're enjoying a barkada brunch, or spending some romantic
Ooey, gooey perfection!
Originating from Switzerland, a traditional fondue consists of melting cheese in a communal pot, and using long forks to dip cubes of bread into it. And although you can experience this centuries-old dish around Manila, there are lots of modern versions
Sweet dreams are made of cheese.
Apart from chocolate, what's your other guilty pleasure? We're willing to bet it's some kind of cheese. We can't blame you: Cheese always makes things better. But did you that there are so many different kinds out there?
Our stomachs are so happy.
According to a new study, we should all be face-deep in a melted brie wheel right now because cheese might not be as bad for us as we all might think.The University College of Dublin looked at the diets of
Imagine the possibilities!
Snack lovers, rejoice-because you'll never have to pick between salty and sweet ever again.A "dairy specialist" in Melbourne called Curds & Whey has officially created a chocolate cheese, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Featuring a "mild