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Get your fave treats from different parts of Laguna and Quezon delivered to you!
Cheesecake is well-loved for its smooth and dense character, while bibingka has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos for its buttery, salty-sweet flavor. Though they might not have much in common (apart from being desserts), they actually go
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Are cheesecake cubes the next big quarantine food trend? This started with Philadelphia Cheesecake Cubes with an Oreo crust and then it was followed by another flavor that uses Maltesers. This time, there's a Philadelphia Cheesecake with Ferrero Rocher.These
This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day-and if you're a big fan of
Yes, tea-flavored cheesecakes exist!
If we were to name two sweet treats that never fail to tickle our tastebuds, they would definitely have to be cheesecake and milk tea. Now imagine getting the best of both worlds in one bite. Yep, it's definitely possible!Introducing
Imagine the flavors of Yakult in an oh-so-creamy cake.
What's not to love about Yakult? The cultured milk drink is sweet and tangy-and it happens to be good for your gut, too. Beyond the straight-up drink, we've also seen Yakult spinoff treats like milk tea
We bet you've never had cheesecake like this before!
If you're a big fan of cheesecakes, well, welcome to the club! This universally favored dessert is so rich and decadent that it's almost impossible for everyone to not love it. There are so many ways to enjoy a slice
We're trying this out ASAP!
Aside from assorted flavors of pan de sal (ube and matcha fillings, anyone?), another ~quarantreat~ that's always on our feed is the basque burnt cheesecake. It has a super creamy texture, plus the toasted top layer adds just the right
It's your next favorite quarantreat!
If you're a big fan of Basque Burnt Cheesecake and is a proud ube lover, then you'll love this new quarantreat: Ube Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It marries the rich creaminess of cheesecake and the sweet, milky taste of
Pair this with your go-to Starbucks drink!
As Starbucks opens more of its stores for deliveries and takeout, you will find that more items are now available on the menu. If you're looking to switch up your usual coffee pairing, Starbucks added new pastry options to go
Simply delish!
Here's a new quarantreat that's taking Manila by storm: Basque burnt cheesecake! The burnt top adds a rustic feel that gives off the impression that you won't get bitin with its taste! Its uncomplicated flavor and
Calling all strawberry lovers!
Ahhh, soft-serve-one of the most ~*versatile*~ desserts in the food world. In the past, we've seen it in other fun flavors, such as root beer, Yakult, and Chuckie. I think we can all agree that it doesn't
Major heart eyes!!!
Over the years, people have started to consider other ways of expressing themselves apart from the usual flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day. The two items are classic gifts but people are now trying to get more creative with, and