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They invested in their ~dreams~!
Starting your *own* business is something a lot of people dream about-including your favorite influencers and content creators! Some of them have already taken that leap of faith and turned their dream business venture into a reality, and they've
Check out the second episode of Cosmo Beauty Chatter!
If you're into local lifestyle and fashion vloggers, I'm pretty sure you've stumbled upon one of Chelsea Valencia's videos. She's known for her ukay hauls, aesthetic style, chill yet visually pleasing vlogs,
Cute and casual!
White sneakers are considered to be closet staples because they just go with everything. When I say "everything," I mean all the outfits you could possibly think of! Pair it with jeans or a dress, white kicks would still look good. (NGL,
So good!
Hello there! When you're running low on outfit ideas, here are some places where you can gather some OOTD inspo: Pinterest, fashion websites, and... local influencers! Their feeds are chock-full of cute outfit ideas that you can definitely recreate,
You'll be obsessed.
The summer heat is just killing us, and I believe it's making us tamad to dress up. You just want to grab the clothing in the most breathable fabric to help you stay cool throughout the day. I totally get
You can *never* go wrong with earth tones.
If you're not sure what to wear, we highly suggest going with neutral-colored pieces. Brown, beige, taupe, charcoal, white, black, and olive-these are all hues that are pleasing to the eyes, so you can easily layer them as
I must go shopping!
Growing up a petite girl, I was told that I couldn't pull off oversized clothing. I was made to believe that boxy shirts, jackets, hoodies, and blazers will drown my frame. Now that I'm older, fashion rules are
Neutral shades have always been our foolproof go-to when it comes to winning outfits. Black, white, and grays are just some of the popular earthy tones that we see everywhere, but we think it's time to try a different
Sorry, skinny jeans.
While I do agree that skinny jeans are a classic cut, no one can't convince me otherwise that loose, baggy silhouettes are becoming popular. From wide-leg to mom jeans, I've seen a lot of Pinays opt for
We're stealing her style in 3, 2, 1.
If you need inspo in putting together comfy and cute outfits, you better check out Chelsea Valencia's IG grid. A common style formula we've noticed is that she has mastered the art of layering that works for our