Is there a chance for a new Baby Kramer even after ligation?
Doug Kramer just revealed that their family is now taking steps to try for baby number four. Doug says that his wife, model-actress Chesca Kramer, will be undergoing "a long, complicated process" in order to ready her body to get pregnant
Learn about #TeamKramer’s secrets to a lasting marriage!
It's a pretty amazing fact that Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia Kramer have been together for 16 long years. But what's their secret to a lasting union?In a recent Instagram post, Doug called marriage a "beautiful thing if you
Doug, you've raised the bar.
Chesca Kramer got her Valentine greeting a month early this time around. Her husband Doug Kramer took at shot at the viral #10YearChallenge by posting a photo of Chesca, not from 10 years ago but 22 years ago. He captioned, "Saw all
Cosmo spoke to event planner Teena Barretto.
ICYDK, Chesca and Doug Kramer just renewed their vows! Cosmopolitan got all the details from their event planner and coordinator, Teena Barretto. Turns out, it was Chesca who planned the entire thing! Teena revealed, "If you know [her], she's not
And they did it on their 10th anniversary!
In case you needed proof that love is still very much alive, Chesca and Doug Kramer just renewed their vows! To make things extra sweet, they did it on their 10th wedding anniversary. The cherry on top of this kilig-filled story,
Girls, here are the heartbreakers of 2036.
We already proclaimed the next set of Manila's It Girls circa 2036, so OF COURSE we made a list of their celeb baby boy counterparts!Everyone, meet Zion Lahbati Gutierrez, Connor Wilson Consunji, Gavin Garcia Kramer, Braeden Soriano Dee, Alejandro Laurel,
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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on April 3, 2018!
The two took to their social media accounts to give their official joint statement:Hey world! So... We have something we would like to share. First off, it feels odd that we have to share this kind of thing with everyone, but
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Do gender roles have a place in 2017?
By now you've probably already heard of the hullaballoo surrounding PBA player Doug Kramer and his wife, model/actress Chesca Kramer. For those of you who haven't gotten to sip the tea, here is the Facebook post which has garnered
She and Doug just celebrated their 9th anniversary, and Chesca still looks like the girl in her wedding photo!
Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer took to IG to profess their love and commitment to each other on their 9th wedding anniversary (and their 14th as a couple).Fans and even Chesca's basketball player husband couldn't help but notice
Doug had LOTS of HAIR!!!
It's no secret we're fans of Team Kramer: We've written about their stylish kids, stalked their family website, and wished them all the best when we found out that Doug had a mild stroke in 2016. With three kids:
'How could a healthy guy like me go through something like this at such an early age?'
Basketball star Doug Kramer recently revealed his secret bout with a mild stroke last month. Posting a lengthy, two-part message on Instagram, Doug, 33, recounted his experience with the unexpected ordeal he and his family had to go through."Been wanting
That's why she's called #KendraSuperstar.
When Kendra Kramer's pre-birthday photos came out, we knew we were in for something HUGE.The eldest daughter of the Kramer Klan held her 7th birthday at the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion (Yup, the same place Chesca Garcia and Doug
Makes you wonder how big her actual birthday party will be!
The eldest child in Team Kramer, Kendra Kramer, is turning seven years old in a week. (Gosh, we're getting old.)To celebrate this milestone, her parents, Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, gave her a super special pre-birthday photo shoot with
A timeless fashion icon and a classic fashion staple were celebrated in one stylish night.
Before we were Cosmo girls, we were, well, little girls. And if there's one thing a lot of us had in common when we were younger, it would have to be our fascination for the Barbie doll, which is most probably
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