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Listen to granny!
The thing we love about ladies with more than six decades of life up their sleeves is that, more often than not, they've figured out their personal style to perfection. That stlye may mean simple, pared-down looks or that outlandish,
Dressing like her is a lot easier than you think.
Supermodel turned actress and all around cool girl Cara Delevingne is absolutely chic and pretty. But aside from her supermodel skills and covetable bold brows, this "It" Girl also has a super cool personal style that's a good mix of edgy
Too <i>tamad</i> to pick an outfit? A grown-up onesie is your best bet.
An ultra chic romper is definitely a Cosmo Girl style staple.Because let's admit it: sometimes, we're just too lazy to put together an entire outfit. Also, a jumpsuit, like your versatile summer dress, would be perfect for hanging by
Prettify with a back-to-school makeover at this French boudoir-inspired luxury salon and beauty service center.
Summer is officially over for all you college chicks, and we have just the thing for you to start the new school year off with a bang. Call up your girlfriends and plan a girls' day out at the posh and
The winter collection of one of your fave European fashion brands offers versatile items that can take you from the workplace to a date or party, plus must-have shoes, bags, and accessories.
Here's another excuse to shop, Cosmo chicks: You need to update your wardrobe for 2012, of course! Before the summer months officially begin (and give you yet another reason to go shopping), it's time to stock up on pieces that
Cosmo kept an eye out for <em>fashionistas</em> in the Privado exclusive luxury sale event and asked them who their Hollywood paparazzi favorite is.
Accessorizing is all the rage this season. Find out how you can get the look without breaking the bank.