You gotta admit, it makes you ~feel things~!
WARNING: This post contains spoilers about The Kissing Booth.So if you've been spending a lot of time on Netflix lately, then you've probably heard of their new original, The Kissing Booth. If you've watched it,
You didn't really think Jack and Rose would've fallen for each other in real life, did you?
While we love our chick flicks, with their irresistible plot twists and irresistible male stars, we can't help but feel that the logic behind some movie romances is just, well, whack. Here, we list 10 things that make us think that
Romantic movies aren't just good for shallow thrills--they're great sources of relationship advice, too!
Chick flicks are more than just an hour and a half of touching montages and tearful feel-goodery-they also carry a wealth of relationship tips. Here, we list some of our favorite romantic movies and the all-too-real love lessons
From HIS action-packed fare to YOUR fave rom-coms, watch these flicks while cuddled up with him.
Deciding what to watch is often a bottleneck (or cause for a petty debate) where planning a date is concerned. To help you decide on a movie to enjoy TOGETHER, Cosmo narrowed down the variety of choices to our signature Top 10.
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