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'That’s what you’ve been doing to me for the longest time.'
Chie Filomeno recently tweeted something that netizens believe was directed toward her former GirlTrends co-member, Dawn Chang.On Thursday, the actress took to Twitter to express her dismay about someone."Funny how you're so mad someone is ruining your reputation,
Time to screenshot your faves!
Aside from her cool piercings, minimalist tattoos, and pretty outfits, one more thing we noticed from Chie Filomeno is her love for experimenting with her hair. If you scroll through her Instagram, you'll note that the 25-year-old actress
The TikTok star is breaking gender stereotypes in her latest shoot.
TikTok breakout star Sassa Gurl is 2022's calendar girl for White Castle Whisky, making her the first-ever member of the LGBTQIA+ community to be featured on the liquor brand's decades-long campaign.The internet sensation shared her excitement via
'Yung closeness namin ni Kyle sa loob is a special bond talaga.'
ICYMI: Chie Filomeno recently admitted during her guesting on Magandang Buhay that she has a crush on Kyle Echarri, the housemate she became the *closest* with during her Pinoy Big Brother stint.Melai Cantiveros, one of the show's hosts, asked
Look sexy and comfy at the same time!
Chie Filomeno's stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother house may have been cut short, but we're certain she'll still be on our radar. Her moniker as the "Calendar Vixen of Antipolo" still totally applies to her
This was before they became close inside the PBB house.
Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri may have been evicted from Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10 just a week apart, but they have gained a massive following online due to their ~unexpected~ friendship inside the house.In fact, when Chie joined the "
Kyle is one of the latest nominees in 'Pinoy Big Brother.'
Actor and singer Kyle Echarri is going viral amidst his Pinoy Big Brother stint. ICYDK, Kyle might be evicted from the "Bahay Ni Kuya" and one of the reasons is because he is allegedly not helping around the house. Oh, no! During
'All they have is yung mga false accusations nila and napaka-unfair ng judgment nila.'
ICYDK, a video of Pinoy Big Brother housemate Madam Inutz went viral when she nominated Chie Filomeno and said: "Binibigyan ko ng two points si Chie. Ready na siya, ready na siyang umalis kasi nga wala naman siyang ginawa. Wala naman siyang
They are all very subtle!
Aside from her impressive multiple ear piercings, Chie Filomeno also has quite a collection of tattoos. A few weeks back, someone sent her a question on her Instagram Story asking if they could see her tattoos, and the 25-year-old actress
Janella revealed she got liposuction, even though she was afraid to do so at first.
Filipinos are becoming more open about getting different cosmetic procedures and areeven posting about them online! The same goes for celebrities, so...In September 2021, Janella opened up about her weight loss journey after giving birth to her son Jude Trevor Paterson.
For some unexplained reason, we get the desire to get our hair dyed a lighter color during summer. Some celebs chose to go blonde or cut their hair short. If you're not ready to have all of your locks bleached,
Super easy!
I don't know about you, but the only thing I'm relying on cute selfies is a good mirror. While some are lucky enough to own a full-length mirror, I live in a tiny space that can only
Buuuut it's still better we wait for the parties involved to announce it to the world.
Maris Racal's Instagram post on March 17, 2021, sparked rumors that she's dating musician Rico Blanco. On that day, Rico celebrated his 48th birthday, and Maris shared a video of them on IG performing their cover of Aqualung&#
Thirst trap but make it art.
We keep on sharing pegs of low-key sexy poses, but we haven't really discussed the basics and ~technicalities~ of taking a good thirst trap photo. Unlike regular selfies and OOTDs, it calls for superb art direction and props.Curious
Forever peg!
Multiple ear piercings are not uncommon now, y'all. There are all sorts of ways to curate them-from aesthetically pleasing combinations or by basing them on your zodiac sign. You can also choose whether you want to go all-out
The fringe was *in* this year, people.
Make no mistake: 2020 was the year of bangs. It seemed like everyone was getting a fringe-whether it be a curtain, wispy, or full. We can see why it became popular, though. It was a great way to change up your
And the role of 'Good Boy' goes to...
We cannot believe Start-Up is about to end! The drama, which introduced us to Good Boy Kim Seon Ho, has become a certified Pinoy hit. Recently, content creator + K-drama fan AC Soriano aka AC's Life (who even dressed
Sorry, skinny jeans.
While I do agree that skinny jeans are a classic cut, no one can't convince me otherwise that loose, baggy silhouettes are becoming popular. From wide-leg to mom jeans, I've seen a lot of Pinays opt for
When subtlety is the name of the game.
Are you familiar with the middle-ground feeling when you want to post thirst trap pics but you're kinda shy to do so? Well, Chie Filomeno is here to help you out. If you take a quick glance at her
It's super easy!
You know that feeling when you can't decide which photo to post on Instagram? Well, celebs and influencers have found a fix-by doing it photo booth style! Instead of choosing just one, you can upload four or more snaps