Oh, the nostalgia.
As children, we were obsessed with dolls. Barbies, china dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids-if it came with brushable hair and miniature clothes, we needed it. There's one doll, however, that we spent the majority of our childhood fantasizing about being
Ohana means family, and family means getting a 2018 remake.
This year has been an absolutely wild ride thus far, and the only thing that seems comforting is the number of nostalgic shows and movies that companies are remaking for 2018. Next up? Lilo & Stitch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the animated
Girl proves she never had an awkward phase.
It isn't Thursday yet so why has Ellen Adarna been posting #throwback pics on her Insta? We don't know but we sure aren't complaining! After our March Cosmo cover girl made the interwebs buzz by sharing her ~*gorgeous*~ high
Our 7-year-old selves are promptly freaking out.
What '90s kid hasn't shouted the words "Moon Prism Power, make up!" with all her heart? You know, complete with a dramatic ~*twirl*~. If that sounds like something you definitely got up to in your younger years, then you'll love
Did you know he started as a child actor in theater?!
The hunkiest journalist ever (Can you hear my fangirling heart beating oh so very fast now?!), Atom Araullo, is slowly opening up about his private life and shedding his serious public persona.The interview table turned when Atom recently visited the set
'He died of a broken heart.'
Trent Winstead, 88, was first admitted to a Nashville, Tennessee, hospital on December 5 with kidney failure and though his wife Dolores, 83, accompanied him perfectly healthy, she suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage while there. Trent "died of a broken heart" hours
Wave goodbye to your childhood.
WHOA. It turns out we've all been pronouncing Roald Dahl's name wrong this whole time. Does the universe want to ruin our childhood as well as our adult life?Chances are, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The
'I used to think when boys are mean to you, it means they like you. SO. STUPID.'
When we're young, we believe everything our parents tell us. After all, it's when we're most impressionable. Sometimes it sticks, but as we get older, much to their dismay, we form opinions of our own. We were curious about
'The best things about marrying your childhood sweetheart? Going through a lot growing up together.'
Kim, 31 with husband Moji, 31First dated in her third year in high school, now married for one monthMy barkada and I joined our parish church's choir to fulfill our school's community service requirement. We joined the 6am choir since
Save the world one lip tint at a time!
What millennial didn't grow up obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls? Back in grade school, recess almost always involved play-acting scenes from the show, with you and your friends calling dibs on your favorite characters (and no one wanted to play
'It was love at first sight—for the second time.'
I've always believed in true love and the idea of "The One." Sappy love songs, watching the sunset together, holding hands while walking, pa-sway sway pa-that's the kind of love I believe in, and that's the kind
giphy.comWere you a child of the '80s and early to mid-90s? See if you remember these beauty fads.1. Kisses We kept those fragrance beads in our pencil cases to make them smell good, and even believed that they would
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