For the first time ever, they're offering the promo for two days!
It's easy to understand why people love xiao long bao: It's a steamed dumpling that has a flavorful broth inside, after all. If you can't get enough of this dumpling, Din Tai Fung is celebrating its
Head over to Lugang Cafe before September ends!
YOU WIN SOME, YOU DIMSUM. Who cares about overused dim sum puns when the news is this good?Lugang Cafe has an unlimited xiao long bao promo happening until September 28, 2018 for only P298! The best part is you'll
We know you're curious, too.
The first time I ever had xiao long bao, I thought it was just like siomai so, of course, I shoved it in my mouth (just as my mom was warning me about the hot soup inside).Burnt tongue aside, it was
Wait 'til you bite into these pork buns.
Asian Roast Pork in BunsGet full recipe here!Asian-Style Fried NoodlesGet full recipe here!Baked Pork BunsGet full recipe here!Beef and Broccoli Stir-FryGet full recipe here!Black Sesame Rice Balls and Bananas in Coconut MilkGet full recipe here!Chicken
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