Don't give up on that wing just yet!
Anyone can make eyeliner work to their advantage, no matter their eye shape. As for you, lovely chinitas, there are tons of ways you can bring those peepers to life-from barely-there looks to all-out dramatic wings! Take notes from
Why didn't we think of this before?
If you're born with monolids, you know the struggle of putting eyeliner on. You're aware of the smudging and the almost impossible task of evening out the wings. But thanks to a genius tip shared on Reddit, it 
Your eyes are your asset.
1. Tightlining is a no-fail technique that will accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger.Makeup artist Joyce de Dios-Ignacio suggests dipping a flat liner brush in water, then swirling it on black matte eyeshadow. "The consistency should be
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