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In case you were wondering.
You check the clock: It's 3:30 p.m. It's usually around this time when you stand up, stretch, look over your office BFFs desk to see what she's working on (and to check if you
Wait, what???
If there's one thing we thought we were good at, it's eating (read: scoffing, devouring, stuffing, demolishing) tubes of Pringles. We could-and have-gone through multiple packs at a time and felt no guilt whatsoever.So imagine our sheer
Yes, we counted.
You know that feeling when you're craving for junk food (usually around that time of the month)? And you try to convince yourself that one bag is enough, but just a couple of minutes later, it's already gone? It's
He survived the attack, but we're not sure if their relationship did.
A woman in the UK got arrested after stabbing her boyfriend because he ate all her chips. In the UK, chips are actually thick cuts of deep-fried potato."Sweethearts Dianne Margaret Clayton and Simon Hill were at their friends' house having
A nutritionist helps us pick the 'less evil' food to snack on!
Healthy food isn't always accessible, so when we're looking for something to munch on at work or eat for merienda, it's inevitable to consume way too much fat or sugar and not much vitamins and minerals. And if you
Potato chips are soooo mainstream.
There are many reasons why you should eat potato chips, but there are also many reasons why you shouldn't. One of them is the fact that there are many other options available-healthier ones, crunchier ones, fruitier ones, more addictive ones.