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Find out how it all started.
I've always been crazy about choco butternut doughnuts, so my heart jumped when I found out that a cake version exists! It's made by Cielle's Whisk, a home bakery based in Sampaloc, Manila. The Cielle'
Every bite is worth the calories!
We're such big fans of chocolate cake here at that we take *every* opportunity to try one and let Cosmo Girls about it so you can try it yourself. Our current obsession is Theo & Brom's Gooey
There's absolutely no need for a microwave, toaster, or traditional oven.
We're a sucker for chocolate and easy recipes. When you put these two concepts together, we'll gladly try it out! We found ourselves lucky to find this no-oven chocolate cake recipe by YouTuber Nino's Home.
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Chocolate cakes are always top-tier in the dessert category, but what if we told you that you could take it up a notch? Presenting, the No-Oven Milo Cake recipe!As we were searching for an easy cake recipe, we found
The ingredients are affordable, too!
It's tempting to order cakes right now to satisfy our cravings, but we must admit: The cost plus delivery fee add up to a substantial amount. It won't hurt if we turn to a #tipidhack to give us
These simple chocolate cake recipes will satisfy your cravings!
Chocolate cake recipes do not need to be too complex! In fact, even a simple chocolate cake recipe can be the most decadent, moist, and fudgy cake you can make. You may not know it but having an oven to make a
Get a slice of their winning chocolate cake and other sweet treats.
Call it a non-essential, if you will. But a good chocolate cake has that power to uplift the spirit and provide some much-needed joy in our lives in these challenging times. And if you find yourself needing an extra dose
This is a dream come true!
Easily one of the most popular desserts of 2018 was the Dreamcake, a tin-can cake created by Le Sucre Lab. They first became known for their Chocolate Dreamcake, a gooey chocolate cake with a generous layer of ganache and dusting of
Le Sucré Lab has some competition!
By now you've likely come across the viral sensation that is Le Sucré Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake. The showstopping confection, which is packaged in a tin can and dusted with cocoa powder, is rustic-chic in appearance, making it the
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I've always been the type of person who isn't easily swayed by trends. I'm naturally skeptical of things that go viral on Instagram because to me, the buzz around anything of quality should last longer than