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We're crossing our fingers!
We would not blame you in the slightest if you have already watched Netflix's new Christmas rom-com Love Hard five to 10 times since it landed on the streamer last week. We have done the same. Which is why
Absolutely nothing in this movie made sense.
Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding's new movie, Last Christmas, is a somewhat delightful dumpster fire of plot points, George Michael songs, and holiday cheer. It follows the story of Kate (Clarke), an aspiring singer who's recovering from a
If you thought 'The Princess Switch' was a lot...
I know it's not even Halloween, but I demand we pause all Hocus Pocus rewatches for five minutes and focus on the newly announced Netflix Christmas movie starring Vanessa Hudgens. Sorry, The Princess Switch, you were so 2018. This November is
Looking for something to watch in front of the tree? You don't need to go rogue.
With all the new Christmas movies out there, it can get exhausting sifting through the muck to find the right one to watch. This year, it's more than okay to go back to some of the OGs that you've seen
The characters are terrible people, let's start there.
Tis the season to rewatch your favorite Christmas movies in an effort to get into the holiday spirit. Which means Love Actually is probably in your queue right now. Because it's, like, "the best," right?! WRONG.And before you even
Vanessa Hudgens' body double is all over the place!
As far as I'm concerned, there's only one type of film worth watching, and that's the kind where two identical strangers meet in unlikely circumstances and decide to trade lives.Lucky for me, a new one
The sequel looks just as wild as the first film.
Netflix made everyone's dreams come true in May by announcing that A Christmas Prince was to get a sequel centered around Amber and Prince Richard's royal wedding.And now the trailer's been released, and we'
Say hello to Vaness Hudgens' hot leading men too!
Forget all about The Christmas Prince because the year is 2018, 110 women just won seats in the House of Representatives, and Vanessa Hudgens is double starring in the ultimate Christmas romp, The Princess Switch.Vanessa is biting off as much as
For one, where were the police?
Ahh, Home Alone. It's such a classic Christmas film because it's funny, super Christmasy, and also incredibly unrealistic. The beloved movie is a must-watch every holiday season, but there are also a lot of elements in the film that
'Tis the season to be kilig.
Set during Christmastime in London, this classic holiday movie weaves together 10 separate yet intertwining love stories that cover not just romantic love, but also love for family and for friends. Look out for: Before he became zombie-slaying Rick in The
Love Actually, The Holiday, It's A Wonderful Life, and more!
Love Actually"I just want to say without hope or agenda, to me, you are perfect." Need we say more? Home AloneAdmit it, you wanted to be just like Macaulay Culkin (or at least be his best friend) after watching the Home
Get into the holiday mood even more by setting a Christmas-themed "movie night" with friends or family. Here, our top picks.