How to be a body peg 101—push, Anne!
Prior to leaving for her concert tour in Canada, Anne Curtis managed to squeeze in a workout to get ready for her show. Fan account annecurtis008 shared a series of private footage of Anne's intense workout from the star herself, and
We also got to try a circuit training session at Dusit Thani Manila's gym!
In this day and age, a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle has become the norm. So when Dusit Thani Manila offered to let us try their luxury spa and gym services, we immediately said yes because #SelfCare2018! Find out what happened when
Read this if your official hashtag is #PapayatRinAko2015.
So many calories to burn, so little time!How can a super busy Cosmo girl squeeze exercise into her schedule? Don't sweat it. Circuit training is the workout of choice of many who have little time to spare at the gym,
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