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If a guy's not supportive, he's out.
1. She goes through shit. She commutes, which means she has to deal with inconsiderate people who can't even line up, and she has to line up with all the heat and pollution for about an hour to get to work
There's nothing like being on foot when you want to immerse yourself in a place.
Being on foot allows you to feel, smell, and hear a place. Walking in a city also gives you the chance to greet or mingle with the locals, since it's such a open and friendly act. There are no physical boundaries
You've seen all photos of April 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk Markki Stroem. Now, we give you an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes at that sizzling Cosmo shoot.
In April, we gave you a weekly peek at the hottest new artist to hit the stage--and our featured hunk online for the month: 23-year-old singer and actor Markki Stroem. We know you girls adore him, as each of
Since it's Holy Week, we've toned down our April hunk: he's keeping his shirt on this week. But, he's still high on the hotness meter, so click through all pics!
Your four-day Holy Week break begins tomorrow--what have you got planned? If you'll be traveling, lucky you! But, you don't have to feel bad or bored about being stuck in the city...especially when there are cute guys
It's technically a long weekend. Before you vote on Monday, spend some summer QT with your honey in a hotel room in the city, minus the sky-high <em>gastos</em>!