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'Papa, why does it seem like you enjoy hurting your kids in public?'
Leon Barretto hopes to offer an olive branch to his estranged dad Dennis Padilla.The 19-year-old content creator penned an open letter to the actor on his Instagram page. It comes after days of receiving scrutiny from the public following
He deleted the posts immediately after.
On June 22, 2022, Dennis Padilla aired his frustration about not getting a Father's Day greeting from his kids Julia, Claudia, and Leon Barretto on June 19th. The actor and comedian first shared a throwback photo of his son Leon, captioning
'[It's] a trip she worked and saved up for as a graduation gift to herself.'
Marjorie Barretto's third daughter Claudia is all grown up! The 22-year-old singer-songwriter and budding entrepreneur is a graduating BS Psychology student at Ateneo De Manila University, and she's celebrating it by none other than gifting herself
Claudia consistently ranks as one of the top students in her class.
Face-to-face classes are back in session for many students, including singer-songwriter Claudia Barretto. Her mom Marjorie Barretto shared the wonderful news on Instagram last Thursday, February 17. "My Claudia is going back to face-to-face school after almost
Like most girls her age, Claui wasn't confident enough about her skills at some point.
You'd be forgiven to think that Claudia Barretto is close to perfection. Thanks to her academic achievements, jaw-dropping beauty, and incredible singing talent-it looks like she always has her life together.But what folks don't know about the
The content creator got candid about her creative process on Claudia Barretto's 'Mindgames' podcast.
Despite being a 22-year old multi-hyphenate in the public eye (she sings, films vlogs, and hosts a podcast!), Hannah Pangilinan continues to show her vulnerable and authentic side to her followers, dismantling all notions of perfection and having things ~the
The young singer got candid about her growth in the past year.
Juggling school and a music career, it's not surprising to know that Claudia Barretto always has a jampacked schedule. Then came the pandemic, which put a halt to her day-to-day deliverables, allowing her to spend more time at home. "
They always have each other's backs!
One thing we love about the Barretto siblings is how close and supportive they are of each other. Aside from their close bond offscreen, Dani, Julia, Claudia, and Leon are also actively hyping each other up on social media.From their individual
I don't know about you, but recording artist and mental health advocate Claudia Barretto is now 22! Claudia's fam took to social media on July 26 to celebrate her birthday, and her sister Julia and dad Dennis Padilla
And how the internet can easily shut down someone's confidence.
Dani Barretto recently guested on Dr. Vicki Belo's vlog, where she opened up about her insecurities and how people commenting that she doesn't look like her siblings affected her. She also shared that she got surgery to get
'Memory box.'
It looks like Gerald Anderson recently spent some quality bonding time with Julia Barretto's family.On July 17, Saturday, Julia shared photos from what appears to be a vacation in Baguio City. Apart from pics of Gerald, her IG post
Congratulations, Claudia!
Last month, Marjorie Barretto shared that her son Leon took home seven awards as he graduated from high school. Today, the proud mom revealed that her third daughter Claudia is also an honor student in college! She took to Instagram to promote
'Gusto ko lang matandaan niyo 'ko na mapagmahal akong tatay.'
Julia Barretto just had the most heartwarming convo with her dad Dennis Padilla.The actress published a heart-to-heart talk with Dennis on her YouTube channel on May 1, Saturday, entitled, "Questions I've Never Asked My Dad."In the
Looks like Gerald is now an honorary Barretto!
On March 5, Gerald Anderson's tell-all interview with Boy Abunda dropped online where he revealed he was in a relationship with his Between Maybe's co-star Julia Barretto. Since then, the couple was spotted celebrating their birthdays
'At least one of these will be fun for you to read!'
After showing us her killer ab workouts, Julia Barretto is back with another vlog and this time she's with her baby sister, Claudia Barretto. The actress shared that this year, she wants to read more and become a bookworm just
Because you should be your biggest fan.
Remember when Claudia Barretto wore the cutest graphic tee for her birthday? It was an oversized tee with a collage of her baby pictures. The ~aesthetic~ reminded us of the merch R&B artists would offer during an album drop (or whenever).
'Not everything has to be shared.'
Though I've always known who she is, the first time I ever really heard from Claudia Barretto was at She Talks Asia's Mental Health Conference, #IMatter, which was held in October 2019. There, Claudia spoke about her experience
The actress also talks about her anxiety and what it was like to be independent for the first time.
In Episode 4 of Claudia Barretto's MINDGAMES series, she invited Sofia Andres to talk about her own challenges in dealing with her mental health. The actress addresses her break from showbiz right off the bat saying, "I went to Sydney (
'We are so proud of you, our little smart girl!'
At five months old, Dani Barretto's daughter, Baby Millie, just said her first words!"Millie's first words!!!" the celebrity mom wrote on her latest Instagram post.In a video Dani posted, the family is gathered in the home
Snip, snip, snip!
We did an~in-depth~ investigation, and we've concluded that the bob haircut is the It Hairstyle of 2019. The classic 'do look good on everyone, and it's basically wash-and-wear. We can't blame celebs and people we